FIFA 20: Flashback Nuri Sahin SBC – Requirements, Rewards, Expiry Date, Player Review, Estimated Cost & more

The 24 hour countdown to Team of the Season So Far has begun!

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t time for EA to sneak in one more Flashback SBC for good measure, and that’s exactly what they’ve done!

This one features Werder Bremen CDM Nuri Sahin and highlight’s his role in Borussia Dortmund’s title winning season in 2010/11.

The former Turkey international has seen his rating jump up to a cool 89, here is everything you need to know in order to unlock the card!

Expiry Date

This Flashback Sahin SBC will last for four days, expiring on Monday, April 27.

Requirements and Estimated Cost

There are two squads which need to be submitted in order to unlock this Sahin card, the requirements are as follows:

Past and Present

  • Minimum of one Borussia Dortmund and SV Werder Bremen players
  • Minimum of one TOTW or TOTW Moments players
  • Minimum Squad Rating of 83
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 80
  • Exactly 11 players in the squad
  • Reward: 1 Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
  • Cost: 30.5k PS4 / 32.7k Xbox One

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  • Minimum of one Bundesliga player
  • Minimum Squad Rating of 85
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 75
  • Exactly 11 players in the squad
  • Reward: 1 Prime Mixed Players Pack
  • Cost: 96.85k PS4 / 99.7k Xbox One

TOTAL COST: 127.35k PS4 / 132.4k Xbox One

You can find solutions to this SBC over on FUTBIN here.

Worth it?

It’s a nice card, but do you want to be spending that much money on an untradeable card this close to TOTSSF?


His 94 passing is very nice, comprising of 96 long passing and 95 short passing he’s going to be able to pick out a man just about anywhere on the pitch. His 90 physicality - particularly his 96 jumping and 94 strength - is going to come in handy in those midfield duels.

99 shot power and 91 long shots are impressive, albeit it quite irrelevant due to the ineffectiveness of long shots on FIFA 20. 4* weak foot and 3* skills are good enough for a CM/CDM.

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He’s a very nice card, but not one we imagine will be highly popular at this stage of FIFA.

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