FIFA 20: Bundesliga POTM Kai Havertz SBC - Requirements, Rewards, Expiry Date, Estimated Cost, Player Review & more

It’s been a while since we had one of these!

With the footballing world having been on pause for a couple of months due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we’ve not had a Player of the Month for a while, but the Bundesliga is back and so is it’s POTM!

The returning award goes to Bayern Leverkusen’s highly rated young playmaker Kai Havertz. The 21-year-old has been in fine form for Bayer as they chase a Champions League spot for next season.

Here are all the key details about the SBC to help you decide if it’s one for you!

Expiry Date

Like all Player of the Month SBC’s, you’ll have a fair amount of time to complete. This one will last for 27 days, expiring on Monday, July 13

Requirements and Estimated Cost

Earlier in the FIFA calendar you would’ve expected to pay some big money for a 90-rated POTM SBC, but with TOTS having been and gone, it’s far cheaper than usual.

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Just the one squad needs submitting. Its requirements are as follows:

Kai Havertz

  • Minimum of one Bundesliga player
  • Minimum Squad Rating of 84
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 70

TOTAL COST: 73.9k PS4 / 83.25k Xbox One

Worth it?

Normally a 90-rated POTM card for less than 80k would be a definite yes, on this occasion though, it’s a no. Here’s why:

For starters, his balance is very weak at just 79 and, given that he’s 6’1” - which in itself is quite tall for a CAM - he’s going to feel quite clunky on the ball.

kai havertz potm 1
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Secondly, his physicality is also quite low (72 OVR) and again, given his height and the fact that he’s not great agility wise and his acceleration is quite low (83 OVR) he’s going to get knocked off the ball quite a lot.

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Finally, he has a 90-rated FUT Birthday card, which is slightly lower in terms of his pace and shooting, but he has better passing, equally good dribbling and he also has a 5* weak foot compared to the POTM, which has just 4*.

In addition, this card is tradable and on the current market, is trading for just around 10k more. Given that you don’t get any packs with this SBC, it makes sense to plump for his FUT Birthday card if you are considering whether or not to do this SBC.

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