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FIFA 20: Summer Heat COUNTDOWN - Promo REVEALED, Fan Voting, Summer showdown, Loading screen, leaks, FUTTIES & more

EA looks to be marking the return of the Premier League with a brand new promo!

Summer Heat has now been revealed! Keep reading for the details!

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Summer Heat Revealed

As planned, Summer Heat is now with us!

Head over to here for our breakdown of the promo and everything you need to know!

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Summer Heat Release min
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HOT HOT HOT: The new promo certainly looks the part!


What Is Summer Heat?

The Summer Heat promo is the next exciting promo for FIFA 20 and has a whole host of amazing features.

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Fan Voting

The promo includes fan-voting for which special cards are brought back during the promo.

Upgradeable Objective Players

There's also a vote for ‘Upgradeable Objective Players’.

These new special cards will likely be a great way to boost your squad.

Summer Showdown


A new take on player pick SBCs, where you'll complete a set of objectives to pick a real player from a selected match in real life!

If the player's team wins, a +3 ratings boost is theirs. A draw gets a +1 boost - pretty awesome!

No New Squad this time

There will be a 'best of' FUT 20 re-released into packs. Batches will be refreshed twice during the Summer Heat promo.

This means that some of the best cards from this year will be available to acquire again!

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Loading Screen Clues

Our guesses on the promo from the loading screen ranged from re-releases of cards from FUTMAS and ultimate Scream, as well as Flashback and Moments cards.

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THROWBACK: It looks like we'll see re-releases of some older cards in Summer Heat

Another loading screen confirmed that it was definitely a new promotional event with two card designs.

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DOUBLE TROUBLE: Summer Heat will feature two card design

Voting Element

A new graphic has been tweeted by @EASportsFIFA on Twitter which potentially hinting at what was to come.

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HAVE YOUR SAY: The latest graphic hints at a voting element to Summer Heat

The small symbol on the bottom right looks very much like a voting ballot, and wouldn't you know it, we were right!

Card Predictions

As usual we made some card predictions for the Summer Heat promo. You can check them out below and see if we were on the money.


Flashback Dmitri Payet (OVR 91)

Dimitri Payet Summer Heat
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For obvious reasons, this summer’s major international tournaments have been cancelled.

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Former West Ham star Dimitri Payet lit up Euro 2016, so we could see a set of ‘Flashback’ cards honouring excellent performances from previous years.


FUTMAS Marcus Rashford (OVR 85)

Marcus Rashford FUTMAS
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As we've mentioned, the new promo is likely to feature re-releases of FUTMAS cards.

That means we could see the return of Marcus Rahsford's 85-rated FUTMAS card, repackaged as a Summer Heat release.

Head here for more of our Summer Heat predictions.

Summer Heat Leak

FIFAUTITA, a reliable source for leaks, have confirmed how Summer Heat will work and confirmed that Ferland Mendy will be added.

They have revealed that 93 rated Summer Heat Ferland Mendy will be added for free via in-game objectives.

summer heat leak mendy
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SNEAK PEAK: FIFAUTITA has posted a possible leak on their Instagram

To get him you will have to unlock his 85 FUTMAS card via a really easy in-game objective. You will then use this card to unlock his 93 rated card by completing challenges.

However, this information is not confirmed so could be inaccurate.

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