FC 24: EA could REMOVE transfer market from Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team Mo Salah FC 24

Ultimate Team Mo Salah FC 24

FC 24 is set to be the next major football title released by EA Sports, in their first release since the split from FIFA.

EA Sports and FIFA announced their split in 2022, with both companies citing creative differences. EA has been more active in making their next move, with FC 24 set to be the name of their new franchise, whilst FIFA continues to assess their options.

One thing is for sure, change is coming and competition is on the way and the latest reports may have just revealed the biggest change of all.

Check below to find out everything you need to know about the potential removal of the Ultimate Team transfer market.

FC 24 - Transfer Market REMOVED

With EA Sports signalling the start of a new era, we're not surprised that drastic changes are been discussed.

It's important to note that, right now, the rumours are exactly that, and no confirmed reports have been published.

That being said, a Tweet from FIFA content creator NYKChazza, which has since been deleted, has got people talking about the potential removal of the transfer market in Ultimate Team.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team transfer market
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RUMOURS APLENTY - There is strong talk the transfer market could be removed

As we know, Ultimate Team is the flagship mode for EA and has been the big money maker for the FIFA franchise.

The transfer market, a place where people buy and sell cards with in-game currency, is central to the identity of Ultimate Team, but there's no denying it has undergone many changes in recent years.

From the removal of trading to the addition of valuation caps, the Ultimate Team market has had changed forced upon it.

In recent years, players have been found illegally buying coins and exploiting the trading market.

Fuel has certainly been added to the fire, with FIFAWitcher confirming that big changes will be arriving for Ultimate Team in EA's next game, rumoured to be titled FC 24.

As to be expected, fans haven't reacted with good grace to this news, with many angry at the potential removal of such a mainstay for the franchise.

When looking at all the variables, it really wouldn't be surprising if EA made such a move, with plenty of benefits coming the way of the gaming powerhouse.

Why would this happen?

The simple answer is money.

Ultimately, the removal of the Transfer Market from FC 24 would allow EA to focus Ultimate Team on packs, SBCs and Objective rewards.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team
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CHANGES ARE COMING - The transfer market could be removed from FC 24

Any potential removal of the transfer market could signal the end of coins as well, unless an offline store/market is introduced, replacing the public one.

Doing this would allow EA to clamp down on coin sellers and other such illegal in-game activity.

Not only that, focusing Ultimate Team on packs would also allow EA to make mountains of profit when it came to buying FIFA Points, which will of course be rebranded in FC 24.

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END OF AN ERA - EA and FIFA announced their split in 2022

The FIFA and EA split means that all FIFA branding will have to be removed from the game, and items such as FIFA points will have their names changed.

Once again, this suggestion of an Ultimate Team without a transfer market is purely speculation at this point, but with the start of a new era often comes the making of major decisions and we wouldn't be surprised to see EA make drastic choices to stamp their mark upon the arrival of FC 24.

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