EA face MASSIVE task ahead of FC 24 Release

EA Sports FIFA Mbappe

EA Sports FIFA Mbappe

EA Sports and FIFA announced their split in 2022, with FC 24 set to be the game that takes over in the football gaming world.

Whilst FIFA are yet to make their next move to challenge, EA are storming forward with development of FC 24, with the game set to release in 2023.

However, it won't be straightforward for EA, as they face a mammoth task ahead of their next release.

EA facing major obstacle

The split between EA Sports and FIFA was well documented, with the company sharing some tensions for some time.

Both sides released scathing statements following the split and no resolution looks to be coming to the fore.

FIFA EA Sports split
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GAME OVER - FIFA and EA Sports have split up

The split of course means that EA will no longer be able to use any of the FIFA branding in their new game, rumoured to be titled 'FC 24'.

Whilst the start of a new era will hopefully bring a host of new innovations, there are some major obstacles that EA will have to navigate before evening getting to focus on making necessary changes.

Logistical Nightmare

EA removing the FIFA branding from their game may seem simple, until you realise just how embedded the branding really is.

EA and FIFA have been partnered for over 20 years, with this iconic partnership end leaving EA with a mountain to climb.

For starters, FIFA Ultimate Team will be no more.

Ultimate Team may be a licenses attributed purely to EA Sports, but the 'FUT' trademark would have to change, unless EA opt for a title like FC 24.

Within that, all FIFA branding will have to be removed from the game.

EA Sports La Liga
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NEW ERA - EA have announced some major license deals

This will include the removal of advertising hoardings, trademarks and a number of other FIFA related items throughout the game.

The exit of FIFA will also likely lead to the removal of international teams and competitions from FC 24, or at least they will not feature in a fully licensed form.

After the great success of past World Cup games, players of EA's new franchise will likely have to make do with a competition titled something like 'The International Cup'

Not all doom and gloom

Contrary to the aforementioned obstacles, we are hoping that this new era will lead to huge excitement and change in the football gaming sphere.

We also hope that EA haven't left themselves with too much work to do, and not enough time to do it.

FIFA 2K Games
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OUT WITH THE OLD - FIFA could launch a challenger in coming years

The birth of FC 24, or whatever it may be called, should bring about major change and release some of the shackles that EA implied were on them.

FIFA moving away from the franchise should give EA autonomy over their games and will hopefully allow the new era to eclipse the past.

That being said, many areas of the FIFA community are splintered, and EA will have to work hard in order to regain the respect of their fans.

Whilst removing FIFA as a whole will be a meticulous task for those working on the game, their symbolic and literal exit should lead to a bright future for FC 24.

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