EA Sports FC 24: Five key licenses set to be MISSING from brand new game

EA Sports FC 24 World Cup

EA Sports FC has been officially confirmed, with new details for the game set to arrive thick and fast in the coming months.

With the end of the FIFA and EA relationship, a new era dawns, with EA Sports FC confirmed as the new title that will be taken forward by the titular developer.

It's now been confirmed that the brand will debut across many of the biggest leagues in the world, with logos revealed and many game details showcased.

Whilst many of the world's biggest leagues and clubs have backed up the game, there are many key elements that will be missing.

Take a look below to find out the key licenses that will be absent from EA Sports FC 24.

EA Sports FC Licenses

EA Sports possess a top licenses portfolio, allowing you to play as pretty much all of your favourite teams.

Women's football is also set to be expanded in EA Sports FC, with teams like Manchester City women's featuring heavily in the game's promo.

EA Sports FC
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NEW ERA - EA Sports FC will arrive in 2023

With that in mind, here are five key licenses that you won't be able to experience in EA Sports FC.

Italian Giants

Italian giants AC and Inter Milan have jumped ship and will be officially licensed sides in eFootball only.

This means that neither side will feature in their fully-licensed form in EA Sports FC, with things like kits, stadium and even up-to-date face scans being inaccessible to EA Sports.

AC Milan Rafael Leao fifa 23
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NO MORE MILAN - Inter and AC Milan will not feature in EA Sports FC 24

Two of the biggest teams in Serie A jumping over to a rival is sure to be a blow, but they aren't the only sides to walk the same path.

Juventus did the same a few years again before returning in FIFA 23, whilst sides like Roma and Napoli are also exclusive to eFootball.

Major Stadiums

Another steal from eFootball from right under the noses of EA Sports are two of football's major stadiums, and we're unclear as to whether a third could follow.

Both Bayern Munich's Allianz Arena and Barcelona's Nou Camp are exclusive to eFootball right now, with the former renewing their deal at the beginning of 2022.

PES eFootball Nou Camp
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MISSING PIECE - The Nou Camp could return in EA Sports FC

The Nou Camp could return to EA Sports FC however, with its absence felt by the community.

A third stadium that could go missing is the Emirates Stadium, with Arsenal and Konami announcing a renewal of their partnership in 2023.

Don't fear too much, as this has yet to be confirmed and it's unlikely that the Gunners would pull away from EA.

Mexican Magic

A whole league will also be unavailable in the form of the Liga MX BBVA, the major national league of Mexico.

Major sides like Tigres will be absent from the game, with the major league unavailable in FIFA 23 and instead switching over to eFootball.

With the deal between Konami and Liga MX a long-term offering, this means that the Mexican league will once again be absent from EA Sports FC.

National Teams

Not only will EA Sports lose licenses from competitors, they will also lose licenses to former allies.

FIFA and EA Sports' breakdown in relations has led to a nasty exchange of words that don't exactly indicate that everything is rosy.

FIFA 23 Argentina
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ABSENT WINNERS - International sides could be absent from EA Sports FC 24

It's highly likely that FIFA 23 will be the final game from EA Sports that features national sides in their fully-licensed forms, with FIFA unlikely to license their sides to their former partners.

That means that teams like England, France, Germany, Brazil and more will all be absent from EA Sports FC.

Unlike a number of league sides across the world, no national sides declared their support for EA Sports FC, showcasing that international football could be no more.

World Cup

The final missing piece - and arguably the biggest - will be the World Cup, with FIFA taking their ball and going home.

FIFA 23 World Cup
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IT'S GOING HOME - The World Cup will NOT feature in EA Sports FC

With the World Cup mode and content featuring prominently in FIFA 23, it will be sad to lose this special tournament from our football games entirely.

Instead, FIFA will look to release blockchain titles whilst they assess their options, with their major licenses like the World Cup certain to be off-limits for EA Sports.

A tug-of-war of licenses only serves to the detriment of the players and we hope that these disputes don't end up causing a stuttering start for EA Sports FC.

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