EA Sports FC Licenses: Future games promise major expansion

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EA Sports and FIFA have finally announced their long-rumoured split, with the birth of EA Sports FC being confirmed.

The two footballing behemoths will go head-to-head for many years to come, but the ball may be in EA's court when it comes to licenses.

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Check below for all the latest information on EA Sports FC's exclusive license deals, and how further expansion could keep EA on top.


EA Sports FC Licenses

In their announcement, EA Sports were keen to ensure that fans knew this wasn't going to be just an arbitrary change of logo.

Instead, it's stated that EA Sports FC will be a 'symbol of change' - expanding certain licenses and permitting the developers more creative freedom.

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END OF AN ERA - FIFA and EA have announced their split

In their statement, EA Sports were also keen to remind fans that they still hold the license rights to over 300 partners.

With some of these deals being exclusive, EA Sports FC has already taken an early lead against FIFA.


Plans for Expansion

As mentioned in their statement, EA Sports possess a "unique licensing portfolio of more than 19,000+ players, 700+ teams, 100+ stadiums and 30 leagues."

They also teased fans by simply stating that there is "more to come."

Whilst some leagues - like the LIGA MX - have jumped ship to rival company Konami, it's clear that EA is prioritising certain divisions, with plans for expansion set to delve deeper into some previously untapped markets.

One Step Further

One license that could be set for further expansion is EA Sport's deal with the Football League.

In conjunction with the announcement, every club in the Football League promoted EA Sports FC across their social media accounts, potentially indicating that the EFL could see some love in EA Sports FC.

That could mean more stadium scans, more player scans and an enhanced look for the Football League in Career Mode, much like what we see for the Premier League.


Of course, there is nothing confirmed, but we'd be surprised if EA Sports didn't look to tap into a market that possessed some of the best-supported clubs in the country.

New Leagues

EA Sports FC promises to bring further expansion to EA's license packages, and that means that new leagues are likely to be introduced.

One such league could be the National League, with Hollywood owned Wrexham already appearing in FIFA 22.

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SUPERSTAR POWER - Wrexham are the first National League side to feature in FIFA 22

Including the National League, National League North and National League South would be a great way for EA to tap into a brand new market, deeply enriching the Career Mode experience for fans looking to complete a true road to glory.

Whilst it's been confirmed that the World Cup will move away from EA Sports FC, we're certain that the gaming behemoth is far from finished when it comes to expanding its license portfolio.