FIFA 21 Rulebreakers Team 2: New teaser points to Lautaro Martinez

FIFA 21 Rulebreakers is in full swing through the Ultimate Scream Halloween event, and team 2 is on its way.

A new Rulebreakers teaser from EA points to an Inter Milan ST making Team 2, but who will it be?

Rulebreakers Team 2

The Rulebreakers promo has already put some serious fuel on the fire for FUT 21. It's brought in some top level players that FUT teams will be chasing for weeks, and there are more to come with Team 2.

So far, we've gotten one other teaser for Team 2, a German CAM.

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WHO WILL IT BE?: The first teaser for Rulebreakers Team 2 is more difficult than the second

You can read over our predictions for that teaser here.

But here, we will go over the newest teaser - which points to an Inter Milan ST coming to Rulebreakers Team 2.

Lautaro Martinez or Romelu Lukaku

The new Rulebreakers teaser has given us the hint that this ST plays for Inter Milan.

FIFA 21 Rulebreakers team 2 hint reveal teaser
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DETECTIVE WORK: This hint is much easier than the first, and we have two likely candidates

Most likely, with these stats, we expect this will be Lautaro Martinez or Romelu Lukaku. But which will it be?

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While these stats could represent either player, especially with the Rulebreakers theme of shaking up how players perform on the pitch, we lean toward Lautaro Martinez for Rulebreakers Team 2.

Rulebreakers Leak?

A new potential Rulebreakers leak has surfaced, and if it's to be believed, it has some huge news.

FIFA 21 Rulebreakers EA servers down offline ultimate scream promo extended
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ALL OUT: The Rulebreakers promo has been nothing but action from the start

This leak suggests a 93 OVR Lewandowski is coming to Rulebreakers!

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Obviously it should be taken with a grain of salt, but if this 93 OVR Lewandowski is coming, you can expect it to be one of the most expensive cards in FUT 21!

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