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19 Aug 2020

FIFA 21 Kits: New Dortmund Cup Jersey Revealed!

With FIFA 21 and the new season fast approaching we are seeing loads of new kits being revealed.

Both Chelsea and Spurs revealed their new kits last month, and now Dortmund have too!

Dortmund Cup Jersey

German giants Dortmund brand-new ‘cup’ kit has been revealed via Twitter.

Dortmund often have their cup kit in the classic yellow and black of their home jersey, and this trend has continued.

This kit looks sharp, and you will be able to use it on FIFA 21!

Cup Kits

Will this be a new trend on FIFA 21?

We are accustomed to seeing teams have three kits, but could a ‘cup’ kit be introduced too?

Wishful thinking as we expect things to stay as they were on FIFA 20, with Dortmund’s cup kits available as their alternate strip.

Check out more about Kit Selection on FIFA 21 here.