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01 Jul 2020

F1 2020 PS4: Release date, pre-order, price, Sony, My Team, gameplay, driver ratings, next-gen, PS5, editions & more

F1 2020 PS4: Release date, pre-order, price, Sony, My Team,
gameplay, driver ratings, next-gen, PS5, editions &

Everything Playstation gamers need to know ahead of the official Formula 1 game's summer release.

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PS4 release date & early access

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My Team

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Pre-order & price

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F1 2020 trailer

Formula 1 returns this weekend, just in time for F1 2020 to hit the shelves!

We've got all the info that Playstation gamers need ahead of F1 2020's summer release!

PS4 release date & early access

F1 2020 arrives on 10 July. That's next week!

However you can get it earlier than that...

Ocon Renault F1 2020 game

NEW CARS AND DRIVERS: Old and new faces are back on the grid in 2020!

Buying the Deluxe Edition means you can play from 7 July!

PRE-ORDER NOW: F1 2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition including DLC content and bonus Schumacher items!

As this is the officially licenced F1 game, all of the teams, drivers, liveries and helmets are in the game. The 22-race calendar is also included, despite some GP's already being cancelled.

New classic cars, Formula 2 and more is also inside but the most impressive feature of the lot is probably My Team.

My Team

My Team is one of the biggest features to be introduced for this year's Formula 1 game.

Fans of games such as Football Manager will love this game mode. For the first time ever, you'll be able to control your own team. You're no longer playing the off-line modes as a driver but as a team boss instead.

Codemasters has revealed that you get to join the grid as the eleventh team. The driver market and sponsorships are also key mechanics in this game mode.

My Team will be the most in-depth mode in the F1 game's history and something that adds real value to the product.

Pre-order & price

F1 2020 is available to pre-order on PS4 now! And as usual, there's a number of more lucrative options on offer.

As it's Formula 1's 70th anniversary this year, exclusive content will be released with the pre-order version. Known as the "Seventy edition" this game includes an exclusive car livery, podium celebration, helmet, race suit, gloves, and player badge.

There's creme de la creme of F1 2020 though is the "Schumacher Deluxe Edition". This version includes four of Michael Schumacher's Formula 1 cars as well as exclusive themed car liveries and driver customisation items.

In the UK, both pre-order editions are available on Amazon. The Seventy Edition costing £55 and the Schumacher Edition £65.

If you're in another country, check Codemaster's website to see which retailers allow a pre-order.

F1 2020 trailer

The announcement trailer for F1 2020 was released in April, but we've since been treated to the official gameplay trailer: