F1 2020 Gameplay: What should Codemasters change - New HUD, Setup options & more

Formula 1 may be on the shelf for the foreseeable future thanks to COVID-19, but F1 2020 is coming!

While F1 2019 was a roaring success and has played host to some great racing, the new game is sure to both refine and tweak some of the gameplay aspects.

While the racing was consistent and entertaining in F1 2019, there are always improvements to be made!

So what can gamers expect from F1 2020 gameplay?

First look gameplay

Codemasters have given us our first look at F1 2020 gameplay with a lap around Zandvoort.

New HUD and UI

The very busy F1 2019 HUD
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OPTIONS: It is very difficult to navigate menus at 200 mph!

The driver interface has stayed roughly the same for a while now, even as ERS and engine settings have become more and more complicated.

There are so many options between engine mode, ERS deployment, brake balance, tyre selection and more that it can be incredibly daunting even for experienced players to make the changes they need to in order to keep the car performing.

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Cleaning up the interface and heads up display would aid the gameplay enormously for the average player, and taking away some of the options would help to make things easier to just race.

Changing the setup options

The aero setting in F1 2019
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SAME: The setup options haven't changed in a long time

Getting the correct setup is vital to success in F1 games. Every year the ideal setup for each track changes ever so slightly, but what rarely changes is the setup itself.

Aerodynamics, differential, suspension, geometry, brakes, tyres... Those are your options. In F1 2019 they removed the weight distribution setting as it was leading to some truly OP issues.

In F1 2020 it would be great to see some of these setup options tweaked and changed.

Even if that isn't possible, adding in a race engineer who can guide the newer player to finding the ideal setup for them would be an amazing addition to career mode.

AI improvements

F1 cars racing
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CLOSE BATTLES: AI are still not aggressive enough if F1

This is always the major issue with F1 games. In recent years Codemasters have done an excellent job at improving the way AI drives race you and each other.

Their aggressiveness and creativity has definitely taken a leap forward, however there are still some issues.

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Too often they will get the tip of their front wing alongside and then proceed to spin you out by demanding space on the road that you already occupy.

Leading cars can get viciously caught up behind slower ones after pitstops by not making the dive-bombs you'd expect, creating unrealistic outcomes for your championship. They need to be better at making moves stick against each other.

Wet-intermediate-dry crossover

Wet race in F1 2019
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WET WEATHER: Rain is still an issue for F1 gamers

This is always a bugbear. Wet weather can create chaos in races, and the same goes for in F1 games.

While the "Race control has enabled/disabled DRS" message is a good indicator of when to go onto dry tyres or intermediates, it is hard to visually see when the track conditions are moving from wet tyres to intermediate or feel the difference with a pad.

On wheel it is a little easier, but this is still an enormous grey area for drivers. While a 100% obvious and accurate system would take some of the fun away, there needs to be a clearer way for drivers to understand the changing nature of the circuit so they can plan accordingly.

No more auto-spin kerbs

We've all had that moment where we are at maximum commitment in a corner but just got the entry angle a touch off, hit a kerb, and boom - suddenly you're facing the wrong way.

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It is understandable if you are playing will all the assists off, but with some traction control especially you shouldn't be spinning off a slight kerb.

In fairness, F1 2019 did address some of these issues from F1 2018, but there are still too many kerbs that are an automatic accident.

Turn 12 at Bahrain and turn 5 in Hungary still throw your car off if you dare to touch the inside kerb. It would be great for Codemasters to address this.

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