F1 2020 Game: ERS controls changing for new game

F1 2020 is nearing, and we know that the ERS system will be changing for the new game.

So what is different? We've got everything you need to know!

History of ERS in F1

Formula 1 first introduced ERS (then known as KERS) in 2009. The "push to pass" feature was included in F1 2011 and was exactly like real thing.

Each lap you'd be able to get an 80bhp for up to seven seconds. KERS added an additional level of strategy for the tactics of a race, do you use it to attack or defend?

F1 2018 screenshot ERS Baku Azerbaijan Alonso Sainz
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ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: ERS took its current form in the F1 games in 2018

2014 brought wholesale changes to KERS, as it became the electric portion of the V6 hybrid engines. ERS took its modern form, but it wasn't included in the official F1 game until 2018.

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Now, instead of pressing a "go faster" button, the player set the ERS mode, just like they do with the fuel. While this adds more strategy to your race, it's not realistic.

In reality, the team sets the ERS deployment, not the driver. During a race, you'll often hear a race engineer saying how many laps of "overtake" their driver has left.

ERS in F1 2020

Lee Mather, director of the Formula 1 games, gave an interview recently and had the following to see regarding ERS:

"What's particularly different for '20 is that now you'll have the overtake button and the AI will manage the general ERS."

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REALISTIC: This year's ERS is exactly like you'd find in F1

"As in real life, the team will program the ERS to be managed automatically and the driver is given the go-ahead where they can use the additional power."

But what about online? How will that work?

Well thankfully, Mr Mather also elaborated on this:

"The mapping will be the same [for everybody in multiplayer] but it has to react to what the player is doing. So, there is a "basic" mapping, just like real life."

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Mather went on to say that if the player uses the overtake boost too much, the automatic deployment will have to compensate for this.

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How you'll activate overtake is unknown but we're going to assume it'll be similar to DRS. Overtake will boost your ERS output until you lift off or hit the brake pedal, so that you don't use it too much.

Think of it like nitrous boost in games like Need for Speed. Instead of NOS giving you hundreds of extra horsepower for a brief second, ERS will give you an additional 50 for a straight.

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Just like in F1 2019 as well, your general driving style will affect your ERS output. Getting on the throttle aggressively and not using the brakes as much will deplete your battery faster than a smoother driver.

This might seem like a minor change to some, but it will make a big difference when we pick up F1 2020 in the summer.

F1 2020 will be released on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia on 10 July.

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