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Trailblazers promo could RUIN TOTW in FC 24!

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Trailblazers FC 24

FC 24 is in full swing, with many players finishing the very first Weekend League of the new game.

We have loads of content for you to take a look at including the latest news on Team of the Week 4, and the Trailblazers promo, which is set to land this week. We also have Future Stars news, and how to earn yourself a FREE pack through Prime Gaming!

In this piece, we will discuss the Trailblazers promo in further detail, and give the community reaction on what that could mean for TOTW, and ultimately, everyone's favourite game mode, Ultimate Team.

Trailblazers promo FC 24

FC 24 has been a fun-filled adventure so far and we are only a few weeks in!

EA has provided lots of new content in the game, especially in Ultimate Team, with Evolutions being a revelation amongst FC 24 players, as well as plenty of promos to keep people engaged.

FC 24
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Golden Glow Up Evolutions

We have seen three TOTWs, Road to the Knockouts Team 1, and Team 2, and the Mad Ready promo which came out during early access.

Trailblazers is the next release from EA on 13 October, however, this has caused some concern from players in the community.

Trailblazers community reaction

The Trailblazers promo is set to contain players who have started the season off extremely well, essentially giving upgraded cards to the best players at the start of the 23/24 season.

This is a great concept as the players who have been exceptional will be getting a much-deserved upgrade, however, what does this mean for Team of the Week?


"BRAND NEW: Trailblazers promo starting next week!
"Features players who have had a good start to the season. e.g. Jude, Szoboszlai, Sane.
"W concept! Hopefully, some cracked cards!"
FC 24
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Sophia Smith Trailblazers leak

However, despite these unbelievably overpowered cards coming to FC 24, there are some who believe that this could be damaging for TOTW, and make that and Player of the Month promos pointless, so early on in the game.

One reply from @LeroiJackson16 read:

"That not what POTM & TOTW is for?"

While another Twitter user, @RJorge17_ said:

"L concept, people don't realise these are just TOTW and POTM players, should've been a Halloween promo."

It's clear that players are divided by this latest promo coming to Ultimate Team, especially with EA claiming to be making Team of the Week special again after the past few FIFAs having TOTW drops cause little to no excitement for players.

The Trailblazers promo will bring some new and exciting promo players into the game, but does this defeat the point of having TOTW and POTM?

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