EA FC Clubs - How does skill rating work?

Skill rating

Skill rating

Pro Clubs, now known as Clubs is almost here, the excitement builds as all Clubs fans will get together on release day to create a club and invite their friends across platforms to play the new title of EA FC 24.

As we edge closer to the full release of the new title EA FC 24, the excitement continues to build. With pitch notes covering everything new or updated in the new game, we have a clear understanding of Ultimate Team, Clubs, Career Mode, and the Gameplay.

Building and growing your Clubs team is the most important part of Clubs, with Skill Ratings there to show you where your club level is at this article will explain how to understand this feature in EA FC 24 better!


With the addition of the 'Clubs League' in EA FC 24 Clubs the Club Leaderboard will now have a club-based skill rating across all cross-platforms.

Requested by the community for many years now, we will finally have this in EA FC 24!

Skill Rating
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What is Skill Rating?

Clubs Skill Rating in EA FC 24 is a measure of where your club is at in terms of quality / level compared to other clubs across platforms based on past performances.

Your Clubs Skill Rating will increase and decrease based on how many games the club have won or lost in the Clubs League.

Skill Ratings are not used within matchmaking, Skill Ratings are only used as an indicator to measure growth of your clubs skill level. Matchmaking in both League and Playoff matches consists of looking for an opponent in the same division as your club.

How are Skill Ratings calculated?

Your Clubs Skill Rating is calculated based on the outcomes of League and Playoff Matches you play in Clubs. Winning a match usually increases your Skill Rating, while losing typically decreases it. The extent of the change in your Skill Rating depends on the following factors:

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Skill Rating Comparison

The current Skill Ratings of both you and your opponent play a significant role. If you defeat a club with a higher Skill Rating than yours, your Skill Rating will increase more compared to defeating a club with a similar or lower Skill Rating.

Goal Difference

The difference in goals between you and your opponent also matters. A larger goal difference leads to a more significant impact on your Skill Rating changes. This means that a higher win margin or a greater loss margin will have a more pronounced effect on your Skill Rating increase or decrease.

Match Type

The type of match you're playing, whether it's a League match or a Playoff match, affects the amount of Skill Rating changes. Changes in Skill Rating are more substantial in Playoff matches compared to League matches. This adds more significance to Playoff matches, as they have a greater impact on your Skill Rating and ranking.

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