EAFC 24 Reactions: Women included Ultimate Team

The EA FC first full reveal has finally been showcased, building up even more hype for what is soon to be the most dynamic football game ever.

With many new features in game modes and dynamics being announced, one new addition was confirmed which got most EAFC fans talking.

Women have officially been confirmed to be joining Ultimate Team, alongside the Men players.

Women joining Ultimate Team

EA Sports has made a groundbreaking announcement, confirming the inclusion of women in Ultimate Team, a much-anticipated addition to the game.

This move recognises the significance of both men and women in building the ultimate team and offers players a more diverse and inclusive gaming experience.

'50% of the game now joins Ultimate Team'

Official: Men & Women will be mixed in the same team in EAFC 24 Ultimate Team
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Credit: Via @UTSources on Twitter
Men & Women will be mixed in the same team in EAFC 24 Ultimate Team (Concept card stats and rating)

Here are the key highlights of this historic addition:

New Competitions Added to Ultimate Team:

  • UEFA Women's Champions League
  • Barclays Women's Super League
  • National Women's Soccer League
  • D1 Arkema
  • Google Pixel Frauen-Bundesliga
  • Liga F
Build your ULTIMATE Team!
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Build your ULTIMATE Team!

Unprecedented Player Pool Expansion:

  • The inclusion of women's football in Ultimate Team marks the biggest addition to the player pool in the history of the game.
  • Players now have access to a wider range of players from various women's football leagues, allowing for more diverse and dynamic squad building possibilities.

Enhanced Squad Building:

  • With the introduction of these new competitions, Ultimate Team players can create unique squads that reflect their vision and style of play.
  • The inclusion of women's football opens up exciting opportunities for squad customisation and strategic team-building strategies.


  • You can link Women & Men's players together via Nation or same club in Ultimate Team.

This long-awaited addition not only celebrates the talent and contribution of women in football but also adds a new layer of depth and excitement to the Ultimate Team experience. Stay tuned for more updates on EAFC 24 and get ready to assemble your dream team, now with both men and women players!

Women in Ultimate Team reactions

With the expansion of Women being included in Ultimate Team there have been a mix of emotions since leaks of this information began.

Reddit comment on Women being included in Ultimate Team: 'of course ill still play. im curious why everyone glosses over the fact that men and women are in pro clubs'
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Credit: u/ Subject_Topic7888
Reddit comment on Women being included in Ultimate Team

Pro-clubs, now known as clubs have had both Men and Women on the same pitch in FIFA 23. As stated by this reddit user, on the pitch there shouldn't be any noticeable changes.

Reddit comment on Women in UT
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Credit: u/JTHKG

Questions arise on if Women's players will be popular on Ultimate Team. Will EAFC players take more of an interest in watching Women's football over time through playing with their cards in the game?

Reddit user dohhhnut replies to this saying,

'Lad no one here knew who Jairzinho or Al Owairan were before this year, and yet they’re some of the most popular players in the game. They’ll get over it.'

A point to take on board as EAFC 24 may be one of the most effective ways for fans to be fully on board with watching both Men's and Women's football.

FIFA has been known for wild and wonderful promotions such as position-changing defenders to attackers, therefore doesn't Women in Ultimate Team make perfect sense? Reddit user ESNOW90 and Snoo-33 states,

Reddit comments on Women in UT
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Time will tell how this plans out, with size differences surely to make a huge difference to how players preform on the pitch as seen in Haaland v Marta. However, we are happy to see 50% of football join Ultimate Team and are excited to get started.

Haaland v Marta size difference in EAFC 24.
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Haaland v Marta size difference!

For more Women's football updates on EAFC 24 keep up to date with this page as we will continue to update it as more information drops!

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