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The time that everyone has been waiting for is finally here! The EA Sports FC 24 first full reveal has been announced and it is a good one. A first insight into game modes, mechanics of the game and confirmed Ultimate Team cards.

And yes that is right, FIFA Ultimate Team 'FUT' has officially been rebranded as Ultimate Team 'UT'.

Without further or do, this is your EA Sports FC 24 full reveal.

Release date

EA Sports FC 24 is set to drop on 29 September. But you can play early. If you pre-order EA Sports FC 24's Ultimate Edition before 22 August then you get a massive seven days of early access.

EAFC 24 Frostbite engine and HyperMotionV

A more authentic user experience is coming to EA Sports FC 24 as the following:

  • HyperMotionV*
  • PlayStyles optimised by Opta
  • Frostbite Engine revolutionised

EA Sports FC 24 is now reinventing how 19,000+ authentic players move, control the ball and move while off the ball making every game different.

HyperMotionV* - EA Sports have captured over 180 top-tier matches from UEFA Men's and Women's Champions League matches. Including league football such as the Premier League and La Liga. Using volumetric data to create HyperMotionV the most dynamic football game yet.

Hypermotion in EAFC 24!
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Hypermotion in EAFC 24!

PlayStyles - Powered by Opta allows for players not to be limited by their rating using true-to-life behaviours making each player have unique movement and ability characteristics.

(Revolutionised) Frostbite Engine - Frostbite is back and better than ever from realistic SAPIEN player models, the attention to detail in EA Sports FC 24 is the highest it has ever been with all details enhanced.

New era of Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team Evolutions - Create club legends in a truly authentic Ultimate Team experience by upgrading players through the all-new 'Evolutions objectives'

Elevate your EAFC 24 Ultimate Team experience with the all-new feature: Ultimate Team Evolutions.

For the first time in history, you can enhance your players' skills, PlayStyles, and overall ratings by completing objectives. Build a squad around your favourite players and unlock their full potential.

Ultimate Team Evolutions
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Ultimate Team Evolutions

PlayStyles - Allowing players to go beyond their attributes, Playstyles allows for users to build their Ultimate Team based on their playstyle without a players rating and stats being the main factor to purchasing a player.

Experience a whole new level of squad building in Ultimate Team with PlayStyles. Go beyond overall ratings and consider players' on-pitch abilities. Take it even further with PlayStyles+, granting unique standout traits to players. See their PlayStyles+ right on the Player Item and build a squad that stands out.

Women's Football - Women are officially a part of EAFC 24 Ultimate Team, allowing fans to truly build their Ultimate Team across men's and women's football.

Introducing six new leagues in Ultimate Team with the introduction of Women's football. Allowing for new squad building opportunities, new cards, Icons and Heroes.

Women are in Ultimate Team!
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Women are in Ultimate Team!

EAFC 24 Clubs

Pro Clubs has now been rebranded as 'Clubs' with one standout feature that everyone has been looking for.

Clubs will now allow players to connect and compete with more friends via crossplay! With crossplay global leaderboards, Clubs is more competitive than it ever has been.

Clubs is now cross-play!
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Clubs is now cross-play!

Player Career & Manager Career

Player Career and Manager Career have both had an overhaul in EA Sports FC 24. The new Player agent feature allows players to pave their own path to glory!

Spectator Mode will now be a part of Manager Career allowing players to fully focus on coaching rather than playing!

Spectate mode is official in manager career!
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Spectate mode is official in manager career!

Reinvent your personality with the updated personality system in Player Career built around the new PlayStyles feature.

New training features allows for you as a coach to get the best out of your players. Allowing you as a coach to implement your tactics allowing for better results on the pitch.


  • 19,000 authentic players
  • 700 clubs
  • 30+ leagues
  • 100+ stadiums

Cover star Haaland

Haaland steals the show as he is now the official EAFC 24 cover star replacing Mbappe from FIFA 23!

Haaland is the official EAFC 14 cover star!
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Haaland is the official EAFC 14 cover star!

Keep up to date with this page as we will continue to update it with the latest EA Sports FC 24 information.

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