EA FC 24: How to use Controlled Sprint

EA FC character

EA FC character

As we get closer to the release of EA FC 24, more and more features are revealed by the developers, and here we’d like to explain to you what EA FC Controlled Sprint is and how to use it.

Don’t worry, the mechanic itself isn’t really that difficult. The only complex part is the stats that affect the performance of your Controlled Sprint. So, we will also explain to you how this works and what parameters you should pay attention to.

What is the Controlled Sprint feature in EA FC?

First of all, let’s take a look at Controlled Sprint itself, which is described in this pitch note released by EA Sports.

EA FC character
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This type of movement is something between a Jog and a standard Sprint. If you use the Controlled Sprint feature, your player will try to keep the ball closer to themselves and run faster. This is a good tool for outplaying the opposing defenders.

What stats affect your Controlled Sprint in EA FC?

Of course, any player has certain stats, and they affect how good their Controlled Sprint is. If you want to get a good sprinter on your team, then you should look at the Sprint Speed and Dribble stats. The first one affects the movement speed while the second one improves control over the ball.

How to use Controlled Sprint in EA FC?

Using Controlled Sprint in EA FC is actually very simple. You just need to hold the button dedicated to this feature. For example, on controllers, this would be R1 or RB.

As long as you hold it, your character will perform a Controlled Sprint.

Learning new mechanics is essential if you want to succeed in EA’s new football game, and hopefully, our article will help you become a better player. Use the Controlled Sprint feature and you’ll be able to easily outmaneuver your opponents!

PlayStyles & PlayStyles+

PlayStyles and PlayStyles+ allow players to execute controlled sprint at more successful rates. PlayStyles+ is set for specific players with good ball control and dribbling stats. PlayStyles+ allows for specialist players to execute controlled sprint better than the standard player.


Reaches a higher speed when performing controlled sprint and performs wide turns while dribbling with more precision

Technical PlayStyles
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Reaches a even higher speed when performing controlled sprint and performs wide turns while dribbling with greater precision

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