PlayStyles+ is a Meta-Breaking Feature

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EA Sports FC is just around the corner with the first full reveal and deep dive covered, giving EA FC fans across the world an insight into the most dynamic and authentic game yet. PlayStyles and PlayStyles+ is one of the new in-game features that is new to EA FC which brings a completely new feel to playing the game.

Partnered with Opta PlayStyles and PlayStyles+ creates a more authentic game experience, every single match. Without further or do, lets take a deep dive into everything you need to know about PlayStyles+ and how it will change the game.

What are PlayStyles?

Firstly, you need to understand what PlayStyles are in EA FC 24. PlayStyles is a new feature that focuses on creating players that are unique and realistic in EA FC 24. This is done by overhauling the old Traits system to provide more of a dynamic range to player abilities than is created by just the attributes.

PlayStyles will see players display more powerful headers, better tricks, or an ability to better block shots. These boosts to play sound similar to Madden's X-Factor system, but they are always on, you don't need to complete in-game challenges to activate them.

Haaland PlayStyle+ feature!
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Haaland PlayStyle+ feature!

PlayStyles+ is just an even stronger version of PlayStyles. Adding a bigger boost to performance in certain passages of play to make the very best players in the world stand out even more.

How they will change the game

PlayStyles+ are the most powerful versions of 34 different abilities that are coming into the game. They will make players stand out, but also reward players for leaning into these traits. Why play low crosses or pull-backs when you have a striker with Power Headers+? He'll just be able to muscle the ball into the goal before the keeper can react if you get the cross right.

It should change the way players create and even defend in EA FC 24. Previous gameplay metas may be powerless to stop skilled players that fully maximise the boosts provided by PlayStyles.

PlayStyles revealed
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PlayStyles revealed

PlayStyles+ abilities are prominently displayed on player cards, making it easy for players to identify and understand what a particular player is known for. Instead of solely relying on overall ratings, PlayStyles+ allows players to build their squads based on these traits, creating a team that flows together rather than one that is just "big number good".

Squad building with PlayStyles+

The PlayStyles+ feature enhances the strategic aspect of team building in Ultimate Team mode. Players can now consider not only the overall quality of a player but also their unique PlayStyles+ abilities when selecting and assembling their squads.

This adds depth and variety to team compositions, allowing players to create teams that suit their preferred playstyle and take advantage of specific abilities on the pitch.

By incorporating PlayStyles+ into the game, EA Sports FC 24 provides a more nuanced and dynamic experience in Ultimate Team mode, where players can fully utilise the distinctive skills and strengths of their chosen players. It adds an extra layer of strategy and excitement to team building and gameplay, enhancing the overall enjoyment and immersion of the game.

Ultimate Team Reveal
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PlayStyles+ is more than an overhaul to the current trait system in FIFA. PlayStyles+ allows for a more dynamic and authentic experience that fans across the world are excited to test out in EA FC 24.

How many PlayStyles+ are there?

There are 34 PlayStyle+ traits in EA FC that are assigned to players with these special abilities in the game.

How many PlayStyles+ levels are there?

There are 2 levels of each PlayStyle+ trait that determines how effective the PlayStyle+ trait is to a player.

List of PlayStyles+

  • Trickster+
  • Deadball+
  • Power Shot+
  • Speed Dribbler+
  • Block+

What we know about each PlayStyle+


The new and improved version of the current flair trait in FIFA. Trickster+ allows for plays to add more flair to their game with silky skill moves and tight ball control.


Who doesn't love a deadball specialist? Well with the Deadball+ PlayStyle, players that fall under this category will have pin point accuracy from set pieces such as corners, free-kicks and penalties.

Power Shot+

It has already been confirmed by EA that Haaland will have the power shot+ trait in EA FC 24. This will allow players to have deadly shot power from short and long ranges making the perfectly timed shot almost impossible to save. Who do you think will join Haaland with this PlayStyle+?

Speed Dribbler+


Speed and dribbling have also been two of the most crucial statistics in FIFA history, and we predict for this to be the same in EA FC 24. The Speed Dribbler+ trait allows for any player under this category to potentially boost their ability past their stats to really be effective in the attacking phase of a match.


Stop passes and shots in your defensive area with the Block+ playstyle. Block+ gives player that extra boost in reading the game and knowing when the perfect time to block oncoming shots on goal, crosses into the box and other defensive movements that may need to be made.


As previewed in the official first reveal of EA FC 24, Finesse+ is a PlayStyle+ trait demonstrated by Sam Kerr as she finesse shots into the top right corner for goal. It is stated that without Finesse+, Sam Kerr's shot would have been saved by the keeper. Finesse+ adds curve to a finesse shot making it harder for the goalkeeper to save increasing the chances of a goal.

Finesse+ by Sam Kerr
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Finesse+ by Sam Kerr!

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