EA FC 24: "Open World" mode leaked

EA FC 24 Haaland

EA FC 24 Haaland

EA FC 24 is just around the corner and the hype train is consistently gathering momentum.

New features are being revealed on a near-daily basis and players are keen to see how EA will bring all of these new additions to life.

Classic modes are returning and we've now seen rumours of a brand-new, never-before-seen mode coming to EA FC 24.

Check below for everything you need to know about the potential of an open-world mode in this year's game.

EA FC 24 Open World

We've seen lots of weird and whacky ideas come from the minds at EA, but this may just be the most bizzare of the lot.

Eagle-eyed players recently took to the EA jobs website, of all places, to obtain some new information about EA FC 24's modes.

Within that website, a job advert for an Environment Art Director offered some clues as to what we could see in future instalments.

EA FC 24 job description
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NEW POSSIBILITIES - EA are looking for an open-world designer

One of the requirements within that job description detailed the need for the candidate to "establish a new sandbox open world environment."

Of course, this sent EA FC fans into a frenzy with many wondering if EA are about to introduce something totally new into their latest release.

This job description certainly doesn't confirm anything, but there are enough crumbs of evidence to get people talking.


This mini leak will lead to lots of people wondering how an open-world mode would work in EA FC 24, and we're no different.

We saw, in the build-up to FIFA 23, a brief moment in the game where you could dribble through the streets before taking to the pitch.

In terms of logistics and reality, having an open-world FIFA Street mode could work, perhaps breathing new life into VOLTA.

EA FC 24 Klopp
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BIGGER LANDSCAPES - Would you like to see an open-world mode in EA FC 24?

We've seen many games take this approach with titles like AEW Fight Forever, a wrestling game, introducing a broader battle royal mode to its players.

Whilst a battle royale mode is off the table for EA FC 24, the open-world elements could remain the same, with different areas perhaps offering different challenges.

Whilst we don't want to burst any bubbles of excitement, there is also a chance that this advert is a little loose and the whole "open-world" element could be a reference to creating a larger landscape for stadium cut-scenes and other matchday experience features.


This leak has got a lot of players talking, with some divided over its necessity.

Some players are hoping to see the open world implemented to the same extent we see in the NBA2K series, perhaps enriching the player career experience in EA FC 24.

EA FC 24
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JOIN THE CLUB - EA FC 24 lands in September

Opposed to an online mode that would likely get very messy, very quickly, we'd like to see how EA could implement a larger world into Career Mode, offering different storyline opportunities for your player as they develop.

Right now, this job description offers very little meat on the bones, but it's certainly gotten people talking about the potential of open-world play in future EA FC releases.

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