AEW Fight Forever: When will Stadium Stampede be added?

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STING Stadium Stampede AEW Fight Forever

AEW Fight Forever may not have landed in every respect, but the game is certainly looking to up the ante with its next big release.

Stadium Stampede has been confirmed and it looks set to be one of the craziest game modes we've ever seen.

From riding on horses to being the last man standing, it promises to surprise and delight in equal measure.

With no release date yet set, here is everything we know about the upcoming launch of Stadium Stampede.

AEW Fight Forever Stadium Stampede Release Date

Right now, Stadium Stampede is not available to play in AEW Fight Forever, with the mode set to arrive in a future update.

The date of that update has not yet been set, with THQ Nordic remaining coy on releasing a full launch date.

As confirmed by the developer, the Stadium Stampede mode will be a battle royale, allowing you to traverse the map and discover different weapons that will help you on your way to victory.

AEW Fight Forever Stadium Stampede
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UNIQUE MODE - We've never seen anything like Stadium Stampede before

So far, things like vehicles have also been leaked as part of the code meaning that travel across the map will be unique, to say the least.

The mode could be playable for up to 30 people online, making it truly one of the most unique modes the wrestling game scene has ever witnessed.

Battle Royale

Taking inspiration from Fortnite and other Battle Royale-type games, the Stadium Stampede mode will reportedly allow 30 people to take part in an online bout.

AEW Fight Forever jericho omega
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BIG HIT - AEW Fight Forever has been a hit with the players

With this mode now confirmed, we know that THQ Nordic is planning on taking the insanity to a whole new level, with 30 online players battling inside one stadium.

Some crazy features have been showcased so far and we can't wait to see how this mode plays.

What is Stadium Stampede?


AEW Fight Forever recently confirmed that a new Stadium Stampede mode is coming to the game.

Confirmed via the official AEW Games Twitter, this brand new mode will be free to play for all and is set to arrive in a future update for the game.

No set date has been provided yet, but we do know that this mode is set to offer a battle royale-type experience we've never seen before.

An exciting moment for the future of this new franchise, AEW Fight Forever is about to get a whole lot better.

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