EA FC 24 Clubs: Is it cross-platform?

EA FC 24 Clubs

EA FC 24 Clubs

We are about to say goodbye to FIFA and welcome EA FC 24 into our lives, but players all want to know if EA FC 24 Clubs is cross-platform. Well, EA has finally given players an answer to that question. Pro Clubs might be disappearing, but there is plenty to love about the Clubs that is taking its place.

Players of the game mode have been screaming out for years to be able to play with their friends on other platforms, and now they will be able to!

Is EA FC 24 Clubs cross-play?

EA has finally confirmed that Clubs will be cross-play from day one in EA FC 24. However, there are some limits to this.

Just like any other cross-platform game, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players will all be able to compete against each other when playing Clubs. This allows for quicker match-making, so there shouldn’t be a long wait in between games as there has been in the past.

EA FC 24 will have cross-play in Clubs for the first time
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Clubs is finally cross-platform

However, the one downside is that Clubs won't be cross-generational. That means that if you are on PS5 you can play with your friends on Xbox Series X or PC, but NOT with your buddies on PS4.

It's a shame but it also makes sense as next-gen players will have an advantage over those still stuck on previous consoles.

Clubs is also available on Nintendo Switch for the first time ever, but players there cannot team up with those on other platforms.

What to expect from Clubs this year?

Now that players are able to compete against and play with their friends on other platforms, this could make for one of the most fun game modes on EA Sports FC 24.

Clubs will have more players in each team, meaning you could be coming up against squads of 11 players, something that has become more and more uncommon over the past few years.

This can also be an advantage if you have a big group of friends you want to play Clubs with, with the only problem being who gets to play in which position.

Could this Clubs revamp give it a new lease of life in EA Sports 24 and will you be playing cross-platform with your friends?

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