EA FC Clubs: Best Club Names

funniest ea fc 24 clubs names

funniest ea fc 24 clubs names

EA FC 24 is almost here as we get closer to the release of the game. EA Sports have released many pitch notes now, covering everything new or updated in the new game, we have a clear understanding of Ultimate Team, Clubs, Career Mode, and the Gameplay.

The excitement is at an all time high as this new title of EA FC looks to become the most dynamic and authentic football gaming experience yet. Not only does it look like the best football game yet, with additions such as cross-play joining EA FC modes, FC 24 is set to be the most exciting online experience too.

Clubs is known for its enjoyable collaborative moments with friends and FC 24 will be no different, the community is buzzing to get started again from the beginning with their Clubs. Without further or do, let's dive into some of the best names suggested by the community for your Clubs team.

What will your Club name be?

In a recent DonkTrading post, Donk asks his community 'What will your club name be in EA FC 24?'.

This question got a lot of attention online showcasing funny names that you can use in EA FC 24 Clubs or even Career Mode Create a Club.

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EA FC 24 Clubs names

Things get Messi!
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  • Things get Messi

A classic Clubs name tying in legendary Lionel Messi into your team name. Things will definitely get messy!

  • Lads on Toure

Yaya Toure or Kolo Toure makes the cut for this legendary Clubs name! Another classic that is perfect for a Clubs name.

  • McGinn and Tonic

Aston Villa captain super John McGinn creates his remix of a 'Gin and Tonic'.

  • Kyle Walkers Crisps

Manchester City defender who is set to stay at the club for the 2023/24 season joins the best Clubs names with his twist on the delicious Walkers Crisps.

  • Turn de Ligts off

Bayern Munich defender de Light makes space for his name within 'Turn the lights off', very punny!

  • Beef Cherki

French wonderkid, Rayan Cherki joins with one of the most recent names to be included into this list which he will remain in for a long time with his twist on 'Beef jerky

  • Not a Kalou

Most known for his time at Chelsea, you can now use Salomon Kalou in your FC Club name!

  • Kinder Mbeumo

One of the best chocolates out there? Kinder Bueno mixed with Bryan Mbeumo leads to a top-class name!

  • Game of Stones

Manchester City defender John Stones joined with Game of Thrones was always going to lead to a good name!

  • Garden FC

Cal the Dragon's rival club, Garden FC is the perfect Clubs name that could lead to many creative pro player names too!

  • WhyAyewRunning

The famous meme, 'why are you running' mixed with either Jordan Ayew or André Ayew creates a brilliant name to use in clubs!

  • MacAwoniyi and Cheese

Nottingham Forrest striker Taiwo Awoniyi blends perfectly with the famous dish Macaroni and Cheese!

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