FC 24: Pro Clubs prank leaves legendary player furious

Wayne Rooney FC 24

Wayne Rooney FC 24

FIFA and EA FC are enjoyed by millions of players around the world, including the footballers themselves and many other well-known celebrity figures.

Unsurprisingly, YouTube is home to some of the most popular FC 24 videos out there, with a host of successful content creators diving into the game to provide entertainment for their audience.

Two of them are Angry Ginge and Yung Filly, who left former Manchester United and England captain Wayne Rooney far from pleased, shortly after signing him up for their own Pro Clubs team, Girth N Turf FC.

YouTubers prank Rooney on FC 24

Angry Ginge and Yung Filly recently started their own Pro Clubs team in FC 24, recruiting darts sensation Luke Littler and rapper Aitch in the process.

Their latest addition, however, was unimpressed after the YouTube duo tricked him into thinking there was a training session at 8 am after four defeats on the bounce.

Wayne Rooney was left waiting on his own in the FC 24 menu, before realising that there was no training session and that he'd actually been set up by his new teammates.

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Wayne Rooney

Telling the story on TikTok, Angry Ginge explained how he received a phone call from an unhappy Rooney one morning.

"Ten o'clock in the morning I'm in bed trying to get to sleep, I get a phone call (from) Wayne Rooney. 'So I take it we're not training, lad?'. Genuinely, I'm p****** myself because I already know what's coming. He goes, 'Well I've been up since half seven with the controller in my hands and I've just found out that it's just banter that you lads have'."

The hilarious aftermath didn't finish there either, as Angry Ginge went on to explain how Rooney had pulled out of doing the school run after believing they were jumping on Pro Clubs.

"He (Rooney) goes, 'I've had to tell my missus that I can't do the school run because I've got training'."

Thankfully, it appears Rooney has since forgiven Angry Ginge and Yung Filly for their antics, with the 38-year-old telling them that he'd come back to play for them if they wanted him to during a recent live stream.

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