What time can you play the Warzone Event Part 2?

Season 3 of Warzone is now live, but there's more excitement to come.

We're hoping to see the reveal of a new map once part two of the event, called Operation Rapid Sunder, is over.

Below, we've got everything you need to know about when you can actually log in and start the event.

What Time You Can Play Warzone Live Event Part 2

As shown by a teaser image released by Raven, we know that the Warzone new map reveal is broken up into four parts, with two playable events included.

We know that part one of the Nuke Event, which took place last night, saw Verdansk be destroyed, but we don't know exactly what is going to happen in The Destruction of Verdansk Part 2.

The Roadmap mentions an event called 'Hunt for Adler', but Charlie Intel has discovered that the overall event is called Operation Rapid Sunder.

Below are the times that events are scheduled to happening Warzone this week.

  • April 21: 3pm ET/8 BST - 5pm ET/10pm BST
  • April 21: 5pm ET/10pm BST - 12am ET/5am BST (April 22)
  • April 22: 12am ET/5am BST - April 22 at 3pm ET/8pm BST
  • April 22: 3pm ET/8pm EST - 4pm ET/9pm BST

Therefore, now that we're at the second part of the event, you can play The Destruction of Verdansk Part 2 from 3pm ET/8pm BST on April 22. It will run for one hour.

After the second event has ended, Season 3 should be live and hopefully the new map will be out for everyone to play.

How to Play Destruction of Verdansk Part 2

The event should be presented as its own playlist on Warzone's main lobby menu, just as part one did.

You'll likely jump into what initially seems like a standard battle royale game before the event begins.

Of course, we don't know exactly what to expect yet, so keep checking back for news.

Log In Early

So that you don't miss out and aren't scuppered by any server issues, we'd recommend logging into Warzone a little early, before the event is due to start.

Maybe 10 or 15 minutes before 3pm ET/8pm BST will be fine and you'll be able to jump into the playlist without any issues.

New Menu Screen

Ahead of the mysterious "Nuke Event" later, Activision has updated the Warzone menu screen. It's a little mysterious, but as you can see below, it looks like something big has gone off.

There are three smoke trails, representing three players jumping into Verdansk as well as the number of the season. Then, just above "Friends Playing" you can see some flakes of ash which would suggest that the explosion that's caused all the smoke is still fresh.

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