How to play Warzone live event part 2

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The live nuke event is happening this evening in Warzone. Part 1 brought about the end of Verdansk, and part 2 should introduce a new map and much more.

To check out everything that's new and experience the Operation Rapid Sunder story, you'll want to jump in yourself.


That's why we're here with a guide on how to play the Warzone nuke event part 2 once it's out.

Warzone Live Event Times

As shown by a teaser image released by Raven, we know that the Warzone event has four timings.


The Nuke Event has been split into two parts. The first one saw the end of Verdansk and the second will take Warzone into its next phase.

While the Roadmap calls the event 'Hunt for Adler', Charlie Intel has discovered that the event we're getting is called Operation Rapid Sunder.

Below are the times that events are scheduled to happen in Warzone this week. The second part of the event is at 3pm ET/8pm BST.

  • April 21: 3pm ET/8 BST - 5pm ET/10pm BST
  • April 21: 5pm ET/10pm BST - 12am ET/5am BST (April 22)
  • April 22: 12am ET/5am BST - April 22 at 3pm ET/8pm BST
  • April 22: 3pm ET/8pm BST - 4pm ET/9pm BST

How to Play Live Event Part 2

Now that you know when to jump in, you'll need to know how to actually play it.


You'll need to wait for the playlist to refresh a minute or two after the clock strikes the live time.

It should be called The Destruction of Verdansk Part 2 and you'll be able to jump in with squads of up to four.

We'd recommend logging in earlier than 3pm ET/8pm BST on April 22, so that you're not affected by any potential server issues.