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05 Apr 2021

Everything we know about the next Warzone Battle Pass

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Release Date & Price

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100 Tiers Of Rewards

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Rumoured Content

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We're not too far away from Warzone Season 3 and the expected Battle Pass reset. It's looking like it could be the biggest season yet, with a new map finally coming to the popular Battle Royale.

Here's everything we know about the Warzone Season 3 Battle Pass in the build-up to the new season.

Release Date & Price

Looking at the current Battle Pass, the Season 3 Battle Pass for Warzone should launch on April 22nd. This is just a day after the current season ends.

Of course, there could be some delays, given the fact that we're expecting Verdansk to be hit with a nuke.

Warzone Season 3 Battle Pass New Map
NEW MAP? - Where are we dropping next in Warzone?

However, we imagine Raven Software and Activision are eager to keep up the excitement and maintain a steady pace going into the next season.

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The Warzone Season 3 Battle Pass will cost 1,000 COD Points to unlock. Alternatively, there is an option to buy the Battle Pass and the first 25 Tiers for 2,400 COD Points.

100 Tiers Of Rewards

As always, there's going to be 100 Tiers of Rewards available for Battle Pass owners. Some of these will be free if you're looking to play the season without it, but a lot of the good stuff is saved for those who've bought it.

Naga Warzone Season 3 Battle Pass
SEASON TWO - Naga was the Tier 1 & Tier 100 Operator in Season 2

We're not 100% sure on what the next Battle Pass will contain but, if we look at what the previous ones have done, expect to see Emblems, Calling Cards, Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints and a whole lot more.

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Although there hasn't been any confirmation, we could see a Double Triple weekend event at the start of the new season. Usually, Double XP Weekends don't include Battle Pass Tiers but they have been appearing more regularly over the last few months.

Rumoured Content

Rumours for the Battle Pass have actually been pretty quiet this season with discussions on the new Warzone map dominating the discourse.

Warzone Season 3 Battle Pass Mason
NEW OPERATOR? - Will we be seeing Mason added to Warzone in Season 3?

This being said, we do know that Mason is rumoured to be an Operator in Black Ops Cold War Season 3 and he could appear in the Battle Pass as the Tier 1 AND Tier 100 Reward, like Naga did this season.

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Furthermore, we could be looking at the Ballistic Knife and Baseball Bat as two new weapons for Warzone via Black Ops Cold War. We don't usually see Melee Weapons in the Battle Pass, but this season could change things up a little bit.

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