The Nuke's gone off, but it isn't over yet in Warzone

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The Nuke has gone off, but the party's not over just yet! Warzone Season 3, is almost here and players are searching Rebirth Island for clues while they wait for a new "proper" Warzone map.

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There isn't long for that though and we have our first official look at the new Verdansk.


LATEST - 80s Verdansk First Look Footage

The Warzone "Nuke Event" doesn't actually end until 16:00 EST / 221:00 BST, but that doesn't mean we don't have anything to look forward to!

Content Creators have been hard at work searching Rebirth Island for clues and putting codes in online to uncover some exciting new footage of the long-rumoured and long-teased 80s Verdansk.

You can check out the short clip below, showcasing the new changes that have been made to the "Dam" area of Verdansk.

Rebirth Island Event Begins

Call of Duty Warzone's Verdansk nuke event has concluded, but a new event is kicking up.


This event takes players to the Night Rebirth Island map, where it looks like some puzzles are waiting to be solved to reveal more.

By the end of the Rebirth Island event, we expect a new map to be revealed.

Event Name Revealed

Activision eventually confirmed the Verdansk nuke event will be called Operation Rapid Sunder, and it stood up to the name.

The event concluded with the nuclear destruction of Verdansk, and players are now flocking to Rebirth Island to discover the new map through its puzzles.

Verdansk Nuke Event

The Call of Duty Warzone Verdansk nuke event let players play as the zombies taking over Verdansk.

Its epic conclusion came with a nuclear missile launch, giving Call of Duty Season 3 an explosive entry.

Warzone Event Start Times

Below are the times that events are scheduled to happening Warzone this week.

  • April 21: 3pm ET/8 BST - 5pm ET/10pm BST
  • April 21: 5pm ET/10pm BST - 12am ET/5am BST (April 22)
  • April 22: 12am ET/5am BST - April 22 at 3pm ET/8pm BST
  • April 22: 3pm ET/8pm EST - 4pm ET/9pm BST

Looking at the times above, we expect part one of the event to be at 3pm ET/8 BST on April 21 and the second part to be at 3pm ET/8pm EST on April 22, with the other times being when you can replay the initial one.

80s Themed Map Coming, According to Leaks

According to leakers, the new map will be 80s themed.

ZestyCODLeaks said that all of the POIs will return but in an "old fashioned way".

It'll be interesting to see how the locations look and whether there'll be any 80s themed Easter Eggs added.


What's Next for Warzone?

Finally, a Warzone nuke event should usher in a new map for the battle royale.

warzone nuke event
Dam Might Be Gone Soon

Rumors suggested that it'll be large and based on the open Fireteam maps from Black Ops Cold War, or maybe the Ural Mountains map from Outbreak - among plenty other possibilities. But the real leading candidate from leaks is a Verdansk 80's map that could be a big throwback for the city.

None of this is confirmed just yet, but we expect it will be revealed after the Rebirth Island Call of Duty Warzone event.