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29 Mar 2021

Warzone's Season 3 map could be absolutely huge

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LATEST - Will Season 2 Reloaded Hint At Warzone S3 Map?

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Huge Map With 250 Players

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Is It Possible?

Are we getting news about the Season 3 Warzone map soon? New information from Call of Duty about Season 2 Reloaded is due to drop soon.

We know that the "Zombie Invasion" of Verdansk was true and it is well underway, but where does that leave the rest of it?

It seems like Verdansk being nuked is an inevitability at this point and here's everything we know about the updated rumours around Warzone Season 3 and what map we'll be dropping into when it starts.

LATEST - Will Season 2 Reloaded Hint At Warzone S3 Map?

It's wishful thinking, but Treyarch likes to tease us when it comes to new content announcements. For weeks, each reveal has been teased with GIFS and cryptic lore-based screenshots and we're not sure that's going to stop.

Warzone Season 3 Map
URAL MOUNTAINS - Is this where Warzone is headed next?

With the Patch Notes for Season 2 Reloaded due to drop later today, March 30th, sometime between 12:00 EST / 17:00 BST and 13:00 EST / 18:00 BST, we're asking about whether we're going to get more information about Warzone Season 3.

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Many Warzone players feel like, since Black Ops Cold War was released, Warzone has been thrown under a bus. There seem to be more bugs than ever, a serious hacking problem, and a substantial lack of content. Not to mention the Black Ops Cold War operators look rough on Warzone.

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With fans feeling hard done by, could an announcement later today act as a sign that the future of Warzone is going to improve? It seems like Call of Duty are still invested in keeping Warzone going as a free-to-play COD experience, so why won't they put more effort into it?

Huge Map With 250 Players

Several media outlets are reporting that the Season 3 Warzone map is going to be big enough to host 250-player lobbies.

But, how true are these reports?

Well, firstly, we have the claims and reports from Tom Henderson. He's a known leaker and industry insider that previously discussed the idea that a Ural Mountains map was coming to Warzone in a post-Verdansk era.

Warzone Season 3 Map Leak
NEW MAP? - Is this the best look at what we could be seeing next season?

In a YouTube video, Henderson built on these previous claims by claiming that the new Warzone Season 3 map will be big enough to support 250 players.

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This evidence seems to have been reinforced by a Spanish Call of Duty Twitter account that has posted the following:

Translated, this means the following:

" The new warzone map is extremely large, so much so that it combines 23 dirty bomb maps. There will be more vehicles."

" Many of them have yet to make it to Black Ops Cold War. There is also talk that it will be played with 250 players..."

Is It Possible?

Although it is far from impossible, 250 players do seem like it would be a lot when you consider the current latency issues and matchmaking trouble that Warzone players suffer from.

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In addition to this, with Warzone still being a PS4 and Xbox One title... You have to imagine that the base versions of these consoles will struggle with the larger lobbies.

Warzone Season 3 Map Verdansk Dam
VERDANSK - Are you looking forward to the change of scenery?

Could this be a hint that a next-gen release of Warzone is coming? Many fans agree that the quality of Warzone has been slack recently, especially the appearance of the Black Ops Cold War Operators on Warzone's engine.

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Although we don't know anything for certain just yet, Call of Duty will be the first to let people know via social media.

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