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Call of Duty

25 Mar 2021

The Warzone Zombies are now at Verdansk Bank

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LATEST - Bank Is Infected

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Ural Mountains Could Be Next

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Warzone's Zombie Problem

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The Nuke Event

The Warzone Zombies are moving again and they're headed to the Financial District.

Here's what we know so far about what's next for Call of Duty Zombies in Warzone.

LATEST - Bank Is Infected

Call of Duty has just confirmed that the Warzone Zombies will be headed to Bank from today.

You can check out the tweet below:

The Threat Level is Severe. The Objective is to Eliminate. Are you willing to do what it takes to survive?

Ural Mountains Could Be Next

A new teaser from Treyarch points to Call of Duty Warzone taking on a new Zombies map, where players will fight to survive in the Ural Mountains from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

This could mean it will arrive in the upcoming Season 2 update, or even the Season 2 Reloaded patch before it!

Warzone's Zombie Problem

In an effort to keep things fresh, Activision is finally enacting their plan to get rid of Verdansk and introduce a new map to Call of Duty: Warzone.

Although we only know leaks and rumours about what's to come, we do know that Verdansk has a Zombies problem.

Warzone Zombies Bank
WHEN WILL THEY END? - Are you getting a little tired of Warzone's Zombies?

Now, though, new teasers from Activision have suggested that the Warzone Zombies are headed to Bank next!

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You can check out CharlieINTEL's Tweet about the teaser below:

The teaser reads:

" Acropolis National Bank has been operating as a zombie institution for years, but nobody thought their assets would end up six feet under... How you have Diamond Hands, Operator."

Warzone Verdansk Bank Zombies
AVOID AT ALL COSTS - Zombies are a pain when you're fighting other squads, it's time to avoid this place for a bit

Although there hasn't been much more to unpack in the previous teasers, this one seems a little different. Could we be actually near the end now?

The Nuke Event

With all this in mind, it's been long-rumoured that Vedansk is going to get hit with a couple of Nuclear Warheads.

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At first, fans weren't sure what this was going to be about but now we know it'll be to cleanse the earth of whatever undead filth was aboard the crashed Russian Ship that hit the shores of Verdansk at the start of Season Two.

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So far, the Zombies have been seen at Shipwreck, Prison, Hospital, and now Bank.

We're not sure how far the powers that be will take it, but if any one of them steps foot in Boneyard then surely it's time to launch the damned nukes. Right?

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