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11 Mar 2021

When is Warzone's Map, Verdansk, getting nuked?

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Latest - Verdansk End Date Leaked?

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When Is Warzone's Map Getting Nuked?

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Season 2 Event

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Season 3 Start Date

It has been a year since the launch of Call of Duty's Warzone battle royale game, and fans are more excited than ever about the prospect of a new map.

Verdansk hasn't changed a lot over the last 12 months, with a new map being rumoured for months at this point.

With a lot of changes coming as part of Season 2 in February 2021, it seems like the end of Warzone's original map really is just around the corner.

Latest - Verdansk End Date Leaked?

The latest hint at when Warzone's map might get nuked comes from @ModernWarzone on Twitter.

They say that VGC News has told them that the nuke event is set to happen on April 22.

We cannot find anything from VGC about that date, beyond their initial reveal that Verdansk is coming to an end in Season 2, so take the tweet with a pinch of salt.

However, the account has a decent track record of revealing information on Call of Duty and Warzone.

When Is Warzone's Map Getting Nuked?

At this point, it's almost certain that we're going to see Verdansk getting nuked before the end of Season 2.

Now that Zombies have begun to take over the map, and various silos containing missiles have been uncovered under monuments, there has to be somewhat of a connection.

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Warzone's map will probably get completely overrun my the undead before Captain Price and his crew have to use the nukes to destroy them, taking Verdansk away in the process.

Of course, we'll have all the updates you need throughout Season 2 on what's happening with the Zombies and nukes.

Season 2 Event

There has also been rumours of an interactive event happening towards the end of Season 2.

Leaked audio files suggest that players will have to play a mode that sees them attempt to escape Verdansk after it has been overrun, in a similar style to the Black Ops Cold War reveal event.

Warzone map nuked
The Shipwreck marks the beginning of the end

This is still to be confirmed, but the audio files sounds legitimate.

Any event will probably get some build up, so don't expect it until the back half of Season 2.

Season 3 Start Date

The reason April 22 could be a date to keep in mind for a potential nuking of Warzone's map is because it is when Season 2 of the game is due to end and Season 3 is due to start.

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Closing out the season with a big nuke event would be exciting and starting a new season afresh would make sense.

As updates come from Raven and Activision, we'll be sure to update you on them.

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