Call of Duty Warzone: When will Verdansk be nuked?

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Call of Duty Warzone has progressed massively, but a new change looks to be coming that will destroy the Verdansk map players know and love.

New leaks give us a date for what looks to be a catastrophic event heading for Verdansk, beyond the chaos its already endured.

Will Verdansk survive?

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Here's what we know about the next step in Call of Duty Warzone, and the status of Verdansk and its impending demise.

Latest - Verdansk End Date/Time Revealed

The next step in Call of Duty Warzone looks abundantly clear after an official tease.


The above post points to 12pm PST on April 21st, stating - "The end is near..."

After months of buildup pointing to the eventual destruction of Verdansk in response to zombie invasions, it looks like Call of Duty Warzone will see a big boom on April 21st, leading perfectly into Call of Duty Season 3, which kicks off on April 22nd.

Warzone's Map May Soon Be Nuked

At this point, it's almost certain that we're going to see Verdansk nuked to end Season 2, and segue into a new map for Call of Duty Season 3.

Call of Duty Season 2 3 Verdansk Destruction Nuke Zombies
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FUTURE: Call of Duty Warzone's infamous map is heading for a catastrophic makeover

Now that Zombies have begun to take over the map, and various silos containing missiles have been uncovered under monuments, we expect the new April 21st end date to be an explosive event.


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Warzone's map will probably get completely overrun my the undead before Captain Price and his crew have to use the nukes to destroy them, taking Verdansk away in the process.

Season 3 Start Date

Call of Duty Season 3 will kick off on April 22nd, which lays out perfectly for the newly teased "end" date for Verdansk, April 21st.

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Closing out the season with a big nuke event would be exciting and starting a new season afresh would make sense.

As updates come from Raven and Activision, we'll be sure to keep you caught up with all of the latest.