Modern Warfare 2 Maps: All Original Maps to Return?

Modern Warfare 2 highrise

Modern Warfare 2 highrise

Ever since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was announced, questions have been circulating about what content from the beloved 2009 predecessor would be playable.

With beloved maps such as Terminal and Highrise being absent from Modern Warfare 2019, fans have been anxious for an opportunity to give them a try in a next-gen environment.

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Modern Warfare 2 leaked maps

Recent information suggests that all original maps from 2009 could be added during the post-launch of Modern Warfare 2. The information was revealed in a tweet from reliable call of duty leaker TheGhostOfHope.

Modern Warfare 2 Splash art
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While this means that not all maps will be available on release, unmissable maps such as Favela and Highrise will drop at some point in the game's cycle. Once we've had a chance to give some original maps ago, fans will be able to get their nostalgia kick off some old favourites.

Although that's not all. More leaks have surfaced showing some screen grabs of the remastered maps, and imply that some favourites like Terminal, may be with us even sooner.

While Modern Warfare 2 will not be a remake, it looks like we might get everything we could want from the original, and more.

Modern Warfare campaign leaks

Also revealed is the long-awaited remaster of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 campaign. Rumoured for some time now, recent leaks suggest that the campaign is ready to go and could be released at any time.

Unfortunately, only time will tell whether this will see the light of day any time soon, but it could serve as a fantastic addition to the remastered trilogy.

Modern Warfare 2 will be playable in the open beta sooner than you might think. It will first release for PS4 and PS5 users on the 16th of September, and for Xbox and PC players a week later on the 22nd of September.

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