Modern Warfare 2: Is it a remake?

With Modern Warfare 2 just around the corner, fans are clamouring to get their hands on any information they can about the new game. Lots of questions still remain though; will it be a sequel? Will there be Zombies? And of course, will it be a remake of the much-loved 2009 Call of Duty game?

So let's look at all the information we have so far about the upcoming instalment in the franchise.

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Will it be a remake?

This is a slightly tricky one, and the answer is sort of yes and no. Modern Warfare 2 will feature a lot of the same characters, guns, and most likely maps as the original, but will not be a direct remake.

Modern warfare 2 red team
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Modern Warfare 2 will follow on directly from Modern Warfare 2019, and the campaign will bring back Task Force 141, so expect to be able to run missions with beloved characters such as Soap and Captain Price.

What to expect

As in Modern Warfare 2019, expect the return of lots of familiar guns from the original trilogy. Just some of the guns leaked or confirmed so far are the MP5, MP7, M4A1 and AX-50, so there's something for everyone.

Also definitely expect some familiar maps to be on the roster. Modern Warfare 2019 released remakes of hugely popular maps such as Shipment and Rust, so expect Modern Warfare 2 to revive some famous maps that were missed in its prequel.

Terminal Load Screen
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We're likely to see another instalment of Shipment, the super chaotic close quarters map, but also rumoured are fresh takes on Terminal and Highrise, so if trickshots are your thing you won't be disappointed.

Modern Warfare 2 will be available in Beta for PS4 and PS5 users on the 16th of September, and a week later for Xbox and PC on the 22nd of September, so get your pre-orders in now for early access.

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