Will Modern Warfare 2 Have Zombies?

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Call of Duty Operator

Modern Warfare 2 is almost here, and fans can get their hands on the Campaign right now if they've preordered the game. With great reviews on both the Campaign and beta, MW2 will be a Call of Duty to remember.

We've seen the main two modes, but will Zombies be coming to the brand new game? Here's everything we know so far about the potential third mode in Modern Warfare 2.


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Will MW2 have Zombies?

Unfortunately, much like Modern Warfare 2019, the game will not feature a zombies mode. There have been a number of leaks regarding the third mode, with early rumours suggesting a gunfight mode, but recently a new extraction style mode, "DMZ" has been hinted at.

Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies
Will the Undead appear in the new Call of Duty?

Fans of the mode will just have to wait for the next instalment in the franchise, although as it will be produced by Treyarch, it will no doubt have all the undead action we can ask for.

Who is developing MW2?

Modern Warfare 2 will be developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. Infinity Ward brought us Modern Warfare back in 2019, and of course, Warzone. Much like its predecessor, MW2 promises remasters of old maps and guns, and will reignite the nostalgia of the much-loved original, released back in 2009.

Call of Duty Operator

The change in developer from Call of Duty: Vanguard also means that the new Call of Duty will not feature the destruction feature that divided fans in Vanguard. Gameplay leaks also show drivable vehicles such as trucks and helicopters in the game, although this may be confined to the campaign.

The game will be playable for everyone sooner than you might think. For PS4 and PS5 users, the beta will begin on September 16th, and for PC or Xbox, the following week on September 22nd.