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Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta on PlayStation: Release Date, How to Play & More

modern warfare 2 beta

An open beta for Modern Warfare 2 is soon to be released. We received the official announcement for the release dates recently and they're taking place very soon!

The final day of the CDL Championship Weekend saw a surprise announcement about Modern Warfare 2. Activision confirmed dates for the open beta of MW2 along with how to get a code by pre-ordering. There is one week purely for Playstation users and another time which will be dedicated to cross-play.

Let's take a look at the release dates for the Playstation open beta.

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Playstation exclusive beta

Activision has decided to split up the way they are running this beta for Modern Warfare 2. They have given Playstation users access to the beta before any other console. After this, the cross-play beta will be active where every console and pc will be able to play.

Modern Warfare 2 release dates
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Friday, September 16 to Tuesday, September 20 is when the Playstation exclusive beta will be available for Playstation 4 or 5 users. The early access will run from the 16 to 17 September and the open beta is from the 18 to 20 of September.


Playstation users will not need a Playstation Plus subscription to play the open beta. All they need is a bit of free time and some memory and they're on their way.

Modern Warfare 2
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The beta for the game will also be free, meaning that any Playstation owner will be able to try the game out. Of course, as this is a Playstation exclusive time, the cross-play element will not be available. However, from September 22 to September 26 is when the cross-play beta will be available for all consoles.

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