Is Call of Duty coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Call of Duty and Xbox gamepass

With Microsoft's $68 billion buyout of Activision underway, we can expect a large library of games to be coming to the Xbox Game Pass over the coming months.

Xbox Game Pass roster
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Although the deal is facing opposition from regulatory boards, all signs point to the deal going through in one way or another, which would be by far the largest deal in gaming history.

The good news for gamers though, is that it will only make titles like Call of Duty more readily available rather than less. And other game series like Overwatch and Diablo will also likely be on the list!

Will Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 be available on Gamepass?

Microsoft bosses have stressed that the focus of the addition will be that upcoming Call of Duty games will be available at the same time on different consoles. That means whether it's launch weekend, or the final week of the season, you'll be able to fight for the victory with your friends.

Call of Duty team
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Microsoft expects the deal to go through sometime in Spring 2023, once the wrinkles with regulators have been ironed out. This means that while Game Pass won't feature Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on release, it may be coming later on in the game's cycle.

Activision Blizzard Game Pass Leaks

In this huge deal, Microsoft will be acquiring Activision, Blizzard, and King. Therefore all the games produced by those studios are likely coming to Xbox Game Pass in the future.

We can expect huge titles such as Overwatch, Diablo and World of Warcraft to be coming to Xbox or the Gamepass in some form in the future.

Microsoft activision acquisition
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Despite this though, gamers on other platforms need not worry. Since the deal must not give Microsoft control over the market, there will be an emphasis on keeping the games playable in the same versions, at the same time as other consoles.

Therefore whether you're a PS4 or PS5 gamer, a PC gamer, or an Xbox gamer, your favourite games will be just as accessible, if not more so than before.

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