Apex Legends Season 11: Storm Point Wildlife Nest Locations

Apex Legends' next major update is here and there's a new map for everyone to check out - Storm Point. Storm Point is a great exploration into what more Respawn Entertainment can do with Apex Legends, what they can do beyond the traditional battle royale format.

The new Wildlife Nest POIs in Apex Legends' Storm Point are a great start and here's everything you need to know about where you'll find them and what they can offer you.

STORM POINT MAP - Wildlife Nest locations

Rodney Reece, Apex Legends' Principle Level Designer, has shared a full look at the Storm Point map - just in time for Season 11's launch. You can see all the Wildlife Nest locations on it, too - they're the little red diamond markers.

This should help you get some idea of where to head after you've dropped in one of the new POI locations - Smart Loot is worth getting!

We count over 20 wildlife nests - so expect a lot of dangers when you drop into any of these locations!

NEST REWARDS - What can you get from them?

Taking on a Wildlife Nest in Apex Legends isn't going to be without reward - you'll be pleased to know - and these fights are going to be key in prepping for mid-to-late game combat with other Legends.

When you take on a Wildlife Nest in Storm Point, you can earn the following:

  • Smart Loot Drops
    • When you kill something, they'll drop attachments and ammo for you and your squad based on the weapons you're using. There's also going to be consumables, but this means you won't get a Shotgun Choke if you don't have a Shotgun.
  • EVO Points
    • A small percentage of the damage dealt to Wildlife and Wildlife Nests is added to your EVO armour. It isn't going to be as much as killing an enemy Legend, but it's a great way to get a head start on this.
  • Crafting Materials
    • You should get a fair amount of crafting materials for clearing out a Wildlife Nest - this is automatically divided among each squad member in the Nest when you clear it out.
Apex Legends Season 11 Wildlife Nests
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PROWLER NESTS - Keep an eye out for these!

WILDLIFE NESTS - Where can you find them?

At the moment, we don't have a complete look at where wildlife nests will spawn on Storm Point. We do know that they're going to be static and finite.

This means, there's only a certain number of wildlife nests on Storm Point and they only spawn in a certain amount per game. This is going to make them a hotspot for squads in the Early Game and you might miss out if you're dropping in a busy spot.

We don't have the Season 11 Patch Notes just yet, but we do know the following wildlife nest locations - thanks to the image explaining their in-game map icon.

Apex Legends Season 11 Storm Point Wildlife Nests
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WILDLIFE NESTS - Where can you find them?

There's going to be a handful of wildlife nest locations north of Command Center and you can find them fairly frequently throughout the surrounding areas. It's important to note that it doesn't look like wildlife nests spawn directly in named POI locations on Storm Point.

WILDLIFE NESTS - How to fight them?

Each wildlife nest is going to be "assigned" to a specific creature - we don't know the exact locations of these yet but we know what three types of wildlife we're going to find in wildlife nests on Storm Point.

Here's a quick guide on how to tackle each type of wildlife.

  • Prowlers
    • Will attack in a pack when provoked;
    • Keep distance and try to keep contained around nest;
    • Territorial so prepare yourself when you spot one;
Apex Legends Season 11 Wildlife nests Storm Point
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RUN - Yeah, that's a good plan for these giant spiders...
  • Spiders
    • Have a ranged attack, so close the gap and kill them quick;
    • Fast-moving and hard to hit;
    • Should only burst from eggs when they are damaged;
  • Flyers
    • Circle above individually without attacking unless provoked;
    • Fighting one will alert enemy squads around you;
    • Only spawn from a set selection of locations each game;

Apex Legends Season 11 is due to start on November 2nd - Storm Point will launch with the new season.

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