Apex Legends Season 11: Tips on fighting the deadly wildlife on Storm Point

Respawn Entertainment is pushing the boat out - once again - with Apex Legends and introducing a new map with a feature we've not seen in-game before. Season 11's Storm Point is going to introduce wildlife to Apex Legends - there's going to be terrifying beasts roaming the map and you're going to need to know how to tackle them.

Thankfully, we know a little bit about what's in store. Here's everything you need to know about the new wildlife on Storm Point and tips on how to take them down.

WILDLIFE - What they are and how to kill them

There are going to be three types of wildlife added to Storm Point in Season 11 - each with its own strengths and unique features. You'll need to know how to tackle each of them to survive the dangers of Season 11's new map.

PROWLERS - Aggressive pack hunters

Prowlers are strange beasts that aren't afraid of a fight. Here's what Respawn Entertainment had to say about them:

" Prowlers are aggressive creatures that hunt in packs, and can be found patrolling their Prowler Dens across Storm Point. If they spot you, they’ll be sure to warn that you’re getting too close and aren’t too friendly to uninvited guests. Keeping your distance leaves the option to engage in your hands. Watch out though, if you choose to engage, more will emerge from the Prowler Dens to defend their territory."
Season 11 Storm Point Wildlife
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PROWLERS - Keep your distance from them!

The best thing to do, then, is to stay away from their Dens. If possible, avoid attacking Prowlers and make sure you're keeping your distance if you plan to clear them out. If you want to trigger a Prowler Den, try to prepare a "kill zone" near the entrance to contain them.

SPIDERS - Spitting swarms

Giant spiders are always fun, right? Here's what Respawn Entertainment has had to say about these creatures:

" These large arachnids are ranged, web-spitting enemies that choose to engage with their potential meals from afar before sinking their teeth into them. While squishier than prowlers, these enemies are quick and scurry around to reposition themselves frequently."
Spiders Season 11 wildlife Apex Legends
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SPIDERS - Keep an eye out for those damned eggs!

If you want to avoid Spiders in Storm Point - which is often the advised case for all the wildlife - you need to be careful when you spot some eggs. They also have a ranged attack, meaning it's best to close the gap and finish them off quickly. They're quick, though, so be careful.

FLYERS - Passive individuals

Unlike the other two wildlife creatures on Storm Point, it sounds like Flyers are quite peaceful. Here's what Respawn Entertainment had to say:

" Look to the sky to reap the rewards carried by Flyers found soaring or preached high above. Flyers are spawned individually across the map and their positions are randomly selected from a predetermined list of possible spawn locations each match."
Apex Legends Season 11 Storm Point wildlife
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FLYERS - Be careful when you choose to engage

Flyers are a great way to get extra loot, but be careful when taking a shot at one! You're giving away your position and you still need to go and claim your reward. Perhaps it's best to leave these ones alone...

Storm Point is set to join Apex Legends at the start of Season 11 - which begins on November 2nd.

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