Apex Legends Season 11: When does Storm Point get added to BR rotation?

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Apex Legends' Season 11 update is almost upon us and we have everything you need to know about Storm Point below. There's going to be Grav Jumps, Wildlife Nests, and a whole lot more to uncover when it drops...

Storm Point is going to be a unique experience, unlike anything we've ever seen from Apex Legends before.

RELEASE DATE - When does Storm Point get added to Apex?

Apex Legends' next update is just a handful of hours away, really, and Storm Point is going to launch alongside the start of Season 11. With this in mind, we should be able to jump into Storm Point from the following times:

  • 10:00 November 2nd PST
  • 13:00 November 2nd EST
  • 17:00 November 2nd GMT

It's worth noting that there isn't going to be a "tourist" mode at the start of the season - as there has been with other maps. If you want to learn the lay of the land, you're going to have to do things the old-fashioned way and jump into games.

In addition to this, there may be server issues - we all know Season 10 has been plagued with them. Respawn Entertainment has said the following regarding them, though:

You can check out a look at the full mini-map for Storm Point below, in any case. This should help you a little bit ahead of time...

First complete look at Storm Point map

We're still waiting on the Patch Notes, but Rodney Reece - Principle Level Designer on Apex Legends - has just shared the complete Storm Point map on Twitter. All the Grav Cannon and wildlife nest locations are marked too - although it can be quite hard to see these things!

Check out the map itself in the Tweet below:

There are well over 20 nests on Storm Point, so keep your eyes out for a chance at Smart Loot Drops from these creatures!

Wildlife nests are coming to shake things up

We know there's a lot going on with Storm Point - as you can see below - but wildlife nests are the most exciting of the lot; they're also the most dangerous.

Here's a run-down of everything we know about wildlife nests and the wildlife you'll find inhabiting them...

Wildlife Nests

  • New map features exclusive to Storm Point;
  • Static and finite, meaning they only spawn in certain locations per game;
  • Boundary-based, meaning wildlife should only attack when nearby;
Apex Legends Season 11 New Map Tropics
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WATCH OUT - You're going to need to deal with these quickly


  • Prowlers - aggressive, pack-based hunters;
  • Spiders - quick, agile, with a ranged attack;
  • Flyers - Independent and peaceful, until provoked;

At the moment, we only know the following wildlife nest locations - these shouldn't change between now and launch. Wildlife nests are static and we expect to learn more about them in the Season 11 Patch Notes later this week.

WILDLIFE NESTS - Here's where to look for new beasts...
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WILDLIFE NESTS - Here's where to look for new beasts...

What we know about Storm Point...

" It may look like paradise, but danger lies within: wild prowlers and venomous spiders roam, and storms gather overhead. Now the Legends are here to make this place their own."

This new map is going to be unlike anything we've experienced in Apex Legends before. There's going to be swarms of spiders, strange beasts, and a dangerous electrical storm overhead.

Apex Legends Storm Point New Map
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SHIPFALL - There's going to be loot here...

New Gravity Cannons give Legends a new way to fire themselves across the map - there are also a few key POI locations to explore including The Barometer and The Antenna. You can learn about all of these locations here and check out the new map in action below:

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