WWE 2K23 Trailer - release date & everything we know

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mock up of cody rhodes as he may appear in wwe 2k23

WWE 2K23 is just around the corner, with the trailer set to be released in the coming weeks.

With an early 2023 release date rumoured for full launch, it should mean that our first look at the game isn't far away at all.


Check below for everything you need to know about the potential release date of the WWE 2K23 trailer.

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WWE 2K23 Trailer release date speculation

It seems like the Royal Rumble is the perfect venue for a trailer to drop but are we seeing any signs that it's a real possibility


Until recently, it was a widely believed rumour that a trailer for WWE 2K23 would drop during the Royal Rumble event. In recent days, however, it's become very apparent in recent days that it's more than just a rumour.

logan paul as he appears in wwe 2k22
Logan Paul is sure to feature in WWE 2K23

PWHeadlines on Twitter has been suggesting that the trailers are good to go and it seems like they will be revealed this month. This was also suggested by YouTuber Assemble who was in contact with PWH on the matter.

I think it's very unlikely that WWE would delay the reveal of WWE 2K23 any further than the Royal Rumble. Given the hype around this year's event, it really is the best time to drop a trailer, hopefully, one with gameplay featured!


Further Leaks

There is no shortage of WWE 2K23 leaks beyond just the trailer information. If you're following TheLeaker031423, you'll see their frequent posts hinting about who is likely included in the roster.

Their name is also a hit towards a possible release date of Tuesday, 14 March 2023. This too seems highly plausible as 2K will want the game out with breathing room prior to Wrestlemania to maximise sales.


With that being said, 2K will also know what can happen if a game is released before it is ready, so the possibility of a major delay is always on the table as they will not want a repeat of WWE 2K20's disastrous launch.