WWE 2K23 rumors include changes to pinning system, MyGM & MyFACTION

While official word is getting closer, WWE 2K23 rumors continue to be our best bet at knowing what to expect from the next arrival.

We've got details on the latest WWE 2K23 rumors, where they're coming from, and what could be on deck for MyGM, MyFACTION, and more.

WWE 2K23 rumors signal pinning system could change but not core gameplay

The formal announcement and reveals could be less than two months away, but WWE 2K23 rumors are already running rampant.

The latest potential news comes via Mike Straw, who reported several eventually confirmed details about WWE 2K22 leading up to and after launch through SGO.

According to Straw, these WWE 2K23 rumors remain unconfirmed and need additional sources to be more solid but could still indicate what is on the way.

Perhaps the biggest potential change mentioned was a new pinning system, but it may be the only significant adjustment to core gameplay.

WWE 2K23 rumors controls
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SMALL CHANGES: The control scheme will likely still be very close to this

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The majority of the newly introduced gameplay system from WWE 2K22 is expected to remain the same, but an altered pinning system will face plenty of scrutiny if it doesn't deliver.

There may be some minor mechanic changes to clean things up, but the majority of the WWE 2K22 controls are not expected to change in any major way for WWE 2K23.

WarGames, MyGM & MyFACTION

In addition to the above WWE 2K23 rumors about the core systems, a few game modes could be in for some changes.

MyGM faced a mixed reaction last year when it launched with a limited match size and selection of championships, but that could continue to improve.

A post-launch update arrived just over a month after the WWE 2K22 release date and delivered two feature upgrades for MyGM.

WWE 2K22 Update 1.09 Patch Notes revealed that MyGM was growing for Normal and Hard difficulty with the addition of tag team titles and increased match card size.

While MyGM didn't get another update like this, it showed that developer Visual Concepts did not intend the first iteration of MyGM to be where that mode remained.

WWE 2K23 rumors MyGM
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NEW TITLES: We could see even more title options in WWE 2K23 MyGM

These latest WWE 2K23 rumors from Mike Straw state that mid-card singles titles and addition customization for players are on planned for MyGM.

MyFACTION, a game mode originally expected to be largely online, should be getting "multiple improvements/additions" but further details are not yet clear.

Finally, while Straw confirmed the development team has hoped to bring WarGames into the series for several years, it's not yet known if WWE 2K23 could have the match type.

Again, as originally stated by Straw, these rumors remain unconfirmed and could indicate planned development and not necessarily what gets completed in time for WWE 2K23.

As of now we expect the WWE 2K23 release date in March 2023, so official reveals approximately two months earlier would match their timing for WWE 2K22.

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