WWE 2K23 Release Date: Will fans have to wait a whole year for a new game?

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While new content is still landing in the latest installment, fans are already looking ahead to the eventual WWE 2K23 release date.

With the latest release schedule changing things up, here's what we know so far about when the WWE 2K23 release date is likely to arrive.


WWE 2K23 Release Date

Normally the annual sports simulation releases have consistent and unwavering release windows that have been untouched for years.

However, everything got thrown for a loop when WWE 2K20 unceremoniously flopped and Visual Concepts was forced to go back to the drawing board for a sequel.

WWE 2K21 was officially cancelled, and even the originally anticipated WWE 2K22 release date got pushed back.


When the dust finally cleared, WWE 2K22 arrived on March 11, 2022 following an Early Access launch on March 8 just three days earlier.

WWE 2K23 release date
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This put the series smack dab in the build for WrestleMania 38, a stark contrast to their traditional Fall window nearing the approach towards Survivor Series.


With a relatively complete game to work with now, and features likely in the works that got pushed back to the next release, we could see a return to the past schedule.

If that's the case, the WWE 2K23 release date is most likely to be Friday, October 21, 2022, which lines up with the releases of WWE 2K20 and previous years.

However, the benefit of WrestleMania may be too enticing to pass up, and if so the WWE 2K23 release date is likely to be Friday, March 10, 2023.

Either way, this is sure to be a big step for the franchise if they can successfully follow the critical boom from WWE 2K22.

Early Access likely to return via Pre Order

While the worldwide release date is one thing, WWE 2K22 may have standardized the practice of Early Access for this franchise.

Most players had to wait for March 11, 2022, but players who scored Early Access got to start WWE 2K22 as soon as March 8, 2022.


That three day window of Early Access was a pre order reward specific to the nWo 4-Life Edition and Deluxe Edition of WWE 2K22.

We're sure to have expensive editions as an option once again, and Early Access is looking like the most likely returning reward.

MyFACTION may finally be an online game mode by that point, and if so we'll likely also see several MyFACTION bonuses in special editions.