WWE 2K22 MyGM will have just TWO titles per brand and ZERO tag championships

WWE 2K22 MyGM looks to be an exciting addition to the franchise this year, but we're still learning about exactly how the GM Mode rebirth will work this time.

Thanks to a WWE 2K22 preview and some answers from developers, we've finally got details on how championships will work in MyGM.

WWE 2K22 MyGM will have just two titles per brand

WWE 2K22 MyGM set alarm bells off for classic fans of this WWE franchise the moment it got announced, but that came with a level of caution about how the game mode could change.

Directly porting the GM Mode of SmackDown vs. Raw into WWE 2K22 isn't as simple of a process as it might sound like, and as a result it looks like some of the features we saw in the past will be limited this year.

We had the opportunity to participate in a WWE 2K22 play test, specifically trying out the title's gameplay and new MyGM mode for a brief window to see how it actually feels this year.

WWE 2K22 MyGM titles championships
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LIMITED: You'll only have two championships per brand this year

When playing through, at MyGM creation you get to choose your brand, and then select which drafted superstars you'll assign the Men's and Women's Championships to.

Unfortunately, we've now gotten confirmation that this version of GM Mode will be restricted only to those two championships per brand the entire time, one for the men's division and one for the women's division.

As a result, here are the MyGM championships for each brand:

  • Universal Championship & SmackDown Women's Championship
  • WWE Championship & Raw Women's Championship
  • NXT Championship & NXT Women's Championship
  • NXT UK Championship & NXT UK Women's Championship

While it's possible this could be expanded down the line, as we have learned that patch updates and DLC are already planned through at least July, this will be the situation at launch.

GM Mode will have a limited number of matches per show

If you've played GM Mode in the old SmackDown vs. Raw games, you likely remember each show having between 6 and 8 matches for players to book.

While things changed up for PPVs depending on the event and whether some of the card was occupied by the opposing brand, that was the standard and offered plenty of room to grow tag teams, establish multiple rivalries, and truly flesh out a full brand's worth of wrestling.

For WWE 2K22 MyGM, they've gone with a more simplified approach, as players will only have 3 matches per card on main shows with that expanded to just 4 or 5 for bigger events like WrestleMania Backlash.

WWE 2K22 MyGM show length card
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STREAMLINED: Shows will be much shorter in MyGM than they are in WWE

While we didn't have time to check every single event during our brief preview of WWE 2K22, the Ringside Report on MyGM did show a glimpse of both WrestleMania and a non-WrestleMania special event.

In what we've seen, WrestleMania had 5 matches for you to book while other pay-per-view events like TLC had just 4 in total. The simplified version may work to get the mode into place, but it's likely going to be something many users don't like.

With updates already planned post-launch, we can only hope that MyGM continues to see upgrades and expansion following the release of WWE 2K22.

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