WWE 2K23 New Features: ALL confirmed additions

WWE 2K23 War Games

WWE 2K23 War Games

WWE 2K23 new features are leaving wrestling fans even more excited about the game. With these new features, WWE 2K23 will provide players with a unique gaming experience.

Among WWE 2K23 new features, is a highly anticipated match mode, that was finally added to the game. The Showcase Mode also suffered plenty of changes, with players now being able to take on the role of the villain.

In this article, we address all of WWE 2K23 new features, explaining what makes every single one of them unique. So, let's dive deep into WWE 2K23 exciting new features.

LATEST - MyFACTION Features Confirmed

New features have finally been confirmed for WWE 2K23 MyFACTION, with this mode receiving plenty of TLC from 2K Games.

From new cards to a unique online experience, here are the new features you can expect to see in MyFACTION in WWE 2K23:

  • Battle Head-to-Head Online: Experience all-new online gameplay in MyFACTION. Show off star-studded factions and challenge friends and WWE 2K community members alike through Online Quickplay for endless hours of fun;
  • Experience Unique Live Events: Regular post-launch content in the form of scheduled Live Events will arrive year-round in MyFACTION, offering a single-player experience with unique matchups curated by WWE 2K designers;
  • Collect and Upgrade Cards: Diverse and aesthetically enhanced cards across multiple tiers with crisp images, highly detailed backgrounds and design boosts make fan-favorite Superstars pop! Plus, look forward to the addition of the all-new Pink Diamond tier post-launch;
  • Enjoy Alternate Superstar Attires: Collect multiple iterations and MyFACTION exclusive looks for favorite Superstars while building the ultimate faction, from the most coveted historic looks to the most up-to-date changes happening on TV.

MyRISE Features Confirmed

Brand new features have been confirmed for MyRISE in WWE 2K23, with these additions certain to take the mode to the next level.

Debuting last year, this mode was merely testing the waters as to what was possible, and new additions look set to raise the level once again.

WWE 2K23 Roman Reigns
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RISE TO THE TOP - Can you become the next WWE superstar?

There are now two new storylines that you can play through, offering your career something different:

  • The Legacy - play as second gen superstar finding their way to the top while managing the pressure of their heritage
  • The Lock - enter as a top-tier athlete making their debut amid the WWE hype machine - a once-in-a-lifetime talent groomed for success

You can also go behind the scenes of WWE, play politics and make choices about your career that will impact how your story unfolds.

Creation Suite New Features

It has been confirmed by 2K Games that the Creation Suite will receive a lot of love in WWE 2K23, with new features now revealed.

Over 600 new parts have been added to the creation suite, giving you even more choices when it comes to producing your own superstar. From new shirts to glasses, these new items are certain to bring a fresh vibe to the creation suite this year.

WWE 2K22 Creation Suite Create A Superstar Arena Championship Title Cross Platform Community Creations
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BUILD YOUR STAR - Over 600 new items have ben added to the creation suite in WWE 2K23

One of the major things returning to WWE 2K23 is advanced custom entrances, meaning you can once again make your entrance entirely unique to your custom superstar, rather than using a template.

Another major feature is the revelation that custom arenas can now be used in online games for the first time ever, meaning you can battle your mates in your very own custom ring.

All things considered, the WWE 2K23 Creation Suite looks set to take things to the very next level.

MyGM New Features

MyGM is one of the most popular modes in the history of the WWE 2K franchise. The game mode made its highly anticipated return in WWE 2K22 and fans quickly fell in love with it.

This game mode allows players to step into the role of a WWE General Manager. Players can do everything a WWE GM can, such as drafting a roster, signing wrestling free agents, choosing various match types, the arena locations, and much more. Defeating the rival GMs by having the best ratings out of all the brands is the main goal.

WWE 2K23 MyGM brings us plenty of new exciting features, that will allow users to truly immerse themselves in the GM role. These changes will also massively improve users' game experience.

In WWE 2K23 MyGM, we will have five new GMs. Superstars Xavier Woods, Tyler Breeze, and wrestling legends Eric Bischoff, Kurt Angle, and Mick Foley, will be in the game mode. Players will also be able to create and play with their own custom and unique GM.

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The WWE 2K23 MyGM brings us plenty of exciting new features

Two New brands were added to MyGM, with players now being able to manage NXT 2.0 and WCW. WWE 2K23 MyGM also added more than ten new match types, including Triple Threat, Steel Cage, and Iron Man.

MyGM allows up to four players to compete in a local environment. With the addition of new Seasons and Seasonal Challenges, the game mode now offers great replay value.

Roster shake-ups will be available throughout the season, making the game mode even more interesting. Another new feature added this year is the Slammy Awards. They will be awarded at the end of each season, forcing GMs to step up their game if they want to secure these prestigious awards.

The Keepers feature is arguably the most important new addition to the game mode. Keepers will allow GMs to retain some of their superstars ahead of the next season's draft.

The Hall of Fame is also making its way into MyGM. GMs that are capable of earning all ten Hall of Fame trophies, which are won by completing Seasonal Challenges, will secure their place in the WWE Hall of Fame.

WWE 2K23 New Features

In terms of new features for WWE 2K23, the main standout addition is War Games, the much-loved match type that has returned to WWE in recent years.

This double-ring cage match has been a huge fan-favourite since it returned in NXT and has seen some amazing matches.

It might be a little complicated and chaotic in WWE 2K23, but that is part of the fun!

That being said, whilst it may not be a totally new concept, the new Showcase mode starring John Cena is sure to bring some excitement to this new release.

WWE 2K23 War Games

War Games can either be a 4v4 or 3v3 match, with superstars entering the ring at chosen intervals. It's set inside a steel cage, with two rings placed side by side. Players can only win the match when all the participants from both teams are in the ring.

This mode can be played online and offline, meaning you can earn major bragging rights against your mates.

WWE 2K23 War Games
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A look into WWE 2K23 War Games

War Games was the standout feature that we got to experience in our first look at WWE 2K23, you can check out our thoughts here:

READ - WWE 2K23 First Look.

WWE 2K23 Showcase Mode

Showcase mode is always one of the highlights of a WWE 2K release, and this year's feature is the multi-time champion, John Cena.

The main twist of WWE 2K23's Showcase Mode is that you will play as John Cena's greatest opponents, reliving his biggest defeats in the WWE ring. The mode features 14 matches, where players will take control of other legendary wrestlers such as Kurt Angle, Edge, Triple H, Randy Orton, and many others.

Upon successfully completing showcase matches, users will unlock new characters, attires, championships, and arenas.

WWE 2K23 First Look

We were fortunate enough to get our hands on an early build of WWE 2K23, giving us the opportunity to try out basic matches, the new showcase mode and the brand-new War Games mode.

WWE 2K23 Stone Cold
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STRONG FIRST IMPRESSIONS - WWE 2K23 is on course to be a hit

One thing is for sure, WWE 2K23 raises the stakes and is prepared to break new boundaries in order to take the franchise to the next level.

Click here to read our thoughts on the brand-new game.

WWE 2K23 Release Date

This year's game features several franchise advancements, including a unique new take on the 2K Showcase, the WWE 2K introduction of the fan-favourite WarGames, and expansions to several marquee game modes.

WWE 2K23 Deluxe Edition and Icon Edition are scheduled for worldwide release on Tuesday, March 14, 2023 via Early Access, followed by the Standard Edition and Cross-Gen on Friday, 17 Match.

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