WWE 2K23 First Look - Hustle, Loyalty, Respect

WWE 2K23 John Cena

WWE 2K23 John Cena

WWE 2K23 is the brand new instalment in the WWE franchise, once again produced by 2K Games.

Following last week's reveal, we went hands-on with an early build of the game, with certain new features shining bright.

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WWE 2K23 First Look

We were fortunate enough to get our hands on an early build of WWE 2K23, giving us the opportunity to try out basic matches, the new showcase mode and the brand-new War Games mode.

WWE 2K23 Stone Cold
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STRONG FIRST IMPRESSIONS - WWE 2K23 is on course to be a hit

One thing is for sure, WWE 2K23 raises the stakes and is prepared to break new boundaries in order to take the franchise to the next level.

Below, we offer some of our early thoughts on the game and let you know just how good these new features truly are.


WWE 2K23 is a visual masterpiece.

Criticisms in recent years have been weighed on character models and crowds, but the graphics this year have stepped up a level, allowing superstars and the overall arenas in which they appear to feel incredibly authentic.

Whilst the crowds still feel a little inconsistent, the main event (pun intended) is the superstars and the love and care put into each of their models.

The good news is, female superstars also look and feel a lot better, with no crazy hair glitches experience in our time with the game.

Overall, when it comes to gameplay, there's no doubt that 2K have absolutely nailed what this franchise is all about.

Showcase Mode

We dived into some brand new showcase mode gameplay, detailing the rollercoaster career of John Cena.

The two matches we got to experience was RVD vs Cena at ECW one night stand and Cena's debut against Kurt Angle.

WWE 2K23 John Cena
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THE TIME IS NOW - John Cena stars in WWE 2K23's Showcase Mode

Both of these matches featured the classic style of real footage mixed with gameplay animation, with notes from Cena acting as checkpoints to allow you to advance.

The main twist of Showcase Mode this year is that it allows you to take control of Cena's opponents, meaning you can alter the course of WWE history.

Showcase mode in WWE 2K23 will also take on a more documentary-style feel, with Cena's charismatic narrations carrying you through some of his most iconic moments.

War Games

The undoubted highlight of our time with WWE 2K23 was War Games, the brand-new mode that brings this much-loved WWE match type to your console.

War Games is all the chaos and madness that you could wish it to be, with 2K Games doing an amazing job of bringing this match type to life.

A feature that has been demanded for some time, War Games is available both online and offline, meaning you can truly claim bragging rights against your friends.

War Games definitely stole the show during our hour with the game and we can't wait to get stuck into more action.

Early Verdict

Of course, our experience with WWE 2K23 was limited to an hour and we didn't have access to all the game modes and match types, but it's fair to say that this game is making some impressive strides forward.

WWE 2K23 Drew McIntyre, Roman Reigns, War Games
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INTO THE FIRE - War Games was the standout feature in our early playthrough

From small things like finally including female referees to the major introduction of a mode like War Games, WWE 2K23 feels like the next natural step forward following last year's game.

All in all, we're really looking forward to getting this game on full launch and are very much expecting a warm reception from players and critics alike.

WWE 2K23 releases on March 17, 2023.

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