WWE 2K23: How to improve Match Star Rating

WWE 2K23 Bianca Belair

WWE 2K23 is finally here, with this year's game taking things to the next level.

The game has delivered in many ways and now it's your turn, with match ratings having huge bearings on your enjoyment of WWE 2K23.

Putting on the perfect display of skill and durability is a sure fire way to keep you engrossed, but it's often difficult to increase that match rating.

With so much bearing on the rating itself, including the earning of VC/Tokens, it's truly vital to keep your match rating as high as possible.

With that in mind, check out our helpful guide to ensure you're finishing as high as possible.

How to improve Match Rating

After every match in WWE 2K23, you're given a star rating, usually appearing in the top right corner after every match.

This star rating is indicative of how the game believes your match has just gone.

WWE 2K23 Shawn Michaels
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5 STARS - It's time to create classic matches in WWE 2K23

Anything below 2 is underwhelming, between 3 and 4 is classed as one to remember and the illusive 5 stars imply you've just put on a certified classic.

Whilst the star rating may not seem to matter much on the face of it, it's incredible important, especially for those looking to purchase unlockables with VC/Tokens.

The higher the match rating, the more tokens you get, meaning it's vital you follow our tips to ensure that your match rating is ever-increasing.


The first little hack you can perform to improve your match rating is to select a match type in which you can use all sorts of offence.

One-on-one matches can end in classic bouts, but it will take time to increase that match rating.

WWE 2K23 Roman Reigns Weapons
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GET THE TABLES - Using weapons will increase your match rating in WWE 2K23

Instead, opt for something like an Extreme Rules match, as this will give you access to a multitude of weapons that can vary your offence and earn you more match XP.

The same applies to table matches, ladder matches and anything in between. The general rule seems to be, the more chaos, the higher the match rating.

On the Defence

A squash match will never get 5 stars, which is why it's important to know when to be on the defensive.

Taking damage from your opponent will create XP for a back and fourth offence, and you can also increase XP by kicking out of pin attempts.

WWE 2K23 Raw Women's Championship
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AND NEW - Title bouts will add extra drama

Ultimately, you want your match to feel as true to WWE as possible and taking your fair share of punches is a simple way to increase your star rating.

Memorable Moments

The most important of these tips is to create memorable and dramatic moments, as these are the markers that will take your match to the next level.

Memorable moments are often classic as any OMG moment, such as putting someone through the announce table or jumping off a ladder.

You can perform memorable moments both inside and outside of the ring and they dramatically increase your match XP.

The same can be said for dramatic moments, with last-ditch kick outs or severe damage both ticking these boxes.

WWE 2K23 Lesnar Announce table
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THIS IS AWESOME - Take your match to the next level with OMG moments

Leaving your kick out until the border of the three count will increase your match XP and once again take the drama, and the match rating, to the next level.

These simple steps are easy ways to increase your XP and help you earn VC, which can then be used to unlock any items you do not yet have access to.

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