How to use weapons in WWE 2K23

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In WWE 2K23, weapons can be used in many different ways. They inflict plenty of damage on your opponents and can change the tide of a match.

Knowing how to use every weapon in WWE 2K23 is essential. In many situations, a weapon can win you a match.

So, let's find out how to use weapons in WWE 2K23.

How To Use Weapons In WWE 2K23

WWE 2K23 offers a wide variety of weapons that players can use to their advantage.

Tables, chairs, kendo sticks, ladders, sledgehammers, and many other weapons, can be used in the game.

Every single one of these weapons inflicts a lot of damage on rival superstars.

Hitting an opponent with a chair or a kendo stick can give you the opening you needed to win the match.

You can also use weapons to damage specific body parts of opponents.

WWE 2K23 Weapons
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A stop sign is one of the many weapons players have at their disposal

By targeting the legs of an opponent, you will have a much easier time applying a Sharpshooter.

The move will also be more effective since it's being applied to a zone that has already sustained plenty of damage.

But before you can start punishing opponents with different weapons, you first need to know how and where to pick them up.

In WWE 2K23, weapons are located under the ring. So, you need to go to the outside of the ring.

Then, stand close to one of the sides of the ring.

WWE 2K23 Weapons
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Hitting your opponents with a kendo stick is the perfect way to bring them to their knees

The side you choose needs to be covered by a ring apron. If it's covered by a screen, you won't be able to pick the weapons.

Make your way to the middle of the ring apron, and press L1 on PlayStation or LB on Xbox.

Once you do that, a weapons menu will pop out, and you will use your left stick to navigate it.

Then, press X on PlayStation or A on Xbox to select the weapon.

To hit your opponent with the weapon you chose, simply press Square on PlayStation or X on Xbox.

Using weapons will allow you to perform plenty of new moves, and make the game more exciting.

WWE 2K23 Controls

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WWE 2K23 Controls Guide
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