WWE 2K22 Reveal COUNTDOWN: See the new trailer and cover

With plenty of anticipation fueling things along the way, the WWE 2K22 reveal has finally arrived with tons of new info.

Here's everything you need to know about this major WWE 2K22 reveal, including the official trailer that you can watch for yourself.

Latest - Watch the Official WWE 2K22 Trailer

After teasing a reveal to land today, the official WWE 2K22 has now arrived highlighting and building anticipation for the title's release.

Today's news also confirmed Rey Mysterio as the WWE 2K22 Cover Star while announcing pre order details, price, editions, and more.

We've got more details here on all the big WWE 2K22 news confirmed today.

WWE 2K22 Reveal Countdown: Cover Star and Trailer could arrive

WWE 2K22 is likely now less than two months away from launch, and it's almost time for them to drop some of those January reveals fans have been hoping to see.

After unveiling their "Hit List" Feature Reveal Trailer, Visual Concepts and WWE Games stated more news would arrive in January and have stayed relatively silent since then.

They finally broke that silence on Monday, January 17, 2022 with a simple post admitting it had been some time since they said anything official.

Later the same day a "3 Days Left" teaser was shown, followed by a "2 Days Left" companion on January 18, signaling a major reveal should arrive on Thursday, January 20, 2022.

We don't have an official time for the reveal, but 2K has used early in the day for NBA 2K reveals in the past, so we're expecting news around 9am ET.

WWE 2K22 Reveal (Estimated Time, Date Confirmed)

That means we're now less than 24 hours away from what should be some major reveals for WWE 2K22, but exactly what hasn't been announced.

The most exciting drop, and likely the one many fans are hoping for, would be an official trailer with more extensive gameplay footage than the snippets seen in the Feature Reveal Trailer.

However, the best indication of what might be on the way could come from a pair of leaks that landed within the last week.

Release Date, Platforms, Cover, and more potentially leaked

Just days before this potential reveal, the floodgates on WWE 2K22 seemed to open when a purported cover image leaked featuring Rey Mysterio as the game's cover star.

Not long after, a separate leak showed an image featuring those same covers with extra details, potentially from some GAME UK advertising materials.

As of right now these leaks remain unconfirmed, but if they turn out true then there are several details we might already be aware of.

WWE 2K22 cover leak
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LEAKED: Yet another potential leak has arrived showing the WWE 2K22 cover

The most obvious would be the WWE 2K22 cover star being legendary luchador Rey Mysterio, but the leaks also noted pre order rewards.

Among those pre order rewards was 3-Day Early Access, and with the Early Access date potentially revealed, the expected release date for WWE 2K22 is now March 11, 2022.

Again, we have not confirmed these leaks so they need to be viewed as unofficial and could end up being wrong, but contain positives signs if true.

You can find more details here about the most recent leak and some of the pre order rewards we've learned about.

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