WWE 2K22 Gameplay: Confirmed controls and features, trailer footage

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If the franchise is going to turn things around, WWE 2K22 gameplay is by far the most important thing for the title to get right.

With launhc now two short months away, here's everything we know so far about WWE 2K22 gameplay, controls, and features that have already been confirmed.

WWE 2K22 Gameplay Trailer & Features


We're only a few months away from the next installment in the WWE 2K franchise, and nothing is more crucial than getting gameplay right.

WWE 2K20 became the laughingstock of the internet because the title's gameplay was so broken and filled with game-breaking glitches.

Even with all of that pressure, there's good news about WWE 2K22 gameplay including a flurry of features confirmed during the most recent trailer.

After giving us the tiniest glimpse with the title's announcement trailer and a few behind the scenes development videos, we finally got a real look in November 2021.

They explicitly say that it'll have a "redesigned gameplay engine," a big step considering the flaws that WWE 2K20 had in that area.


We've also got new controls, immersive presentation with different camera angles, and multiple game modes confirmed.

GM Mode returns as MyGM, also bringing new modes MyFACTION and single-player career mode MyRISE, and we're getting the return of Showcase and Universe Mode as well.

WWE 2K22 Controls

One of the biggest factors in the smoothness of WWE 2K22 gameplay will be this year's controls, and they've gone for a revamped approach there.

As showcased in the feature reveal trailer, WWE 2K22 controls have been reworked entirely, most notably featuring a block button for the first time.

While reversals have been a part of WWE gameplay for several years, they always relied on pure timing and there hadn't been any ability to block other than nailing reversal timing.

WWE 2K22 gameplay controls
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CONTROLS: You'll be working with a new scheme this year in WWE 2K22

The controls also confirm the returns of Finisher, Signature, and Payback mechanics which have thankfully been given their own button combos rather than being grouped together on a single button press.

This also shows the return of the Wake Up Taunt, a feature introduced in previous years where you can use a taunt to force an opponent to their feet, often setting up a finisher or signature in that moment.

We'll need to see more footage and get a feel for things ourselves when the game arrives to know if these changes will payoff, but right now signs are good for how they'll impact WWE 2K22 gameplay at launch.