WATCH: WWE 2K22 Feature Reveal Trailer, GM Mode returns as MyGM

WWE 2K22 is finally bringing out the big guns, and their newest feature reveal trailer delivers some of the most exciting additions the series has seen in years.

Watch the full WWE 2K22 Feature Reveal Trailer right here, and we'll run down all those new features fans can look forward to.

WATCH: WWE 2K22 Feature Reveal Trailer

WWE 2K22 had been given a few teaser trailers and behind the scenes video before now, but those only served as hype and to show the game's upgraded graphics.

While the visual improvements are definitely noteworthy, especially considering how WWE 2K20 fell short on that front, but now we're finally getting an idea of what the game itself will be like.

You can watch the all new WWE 2K22 Feature Reveal Trailer right here:

Some classics are getting upgraded, but easily the most exciting news will be the return of GM Mode as the newly revamped MyGM.

While this just gave us a limited glimpse ahead at what's in store for WWE 2K22, we know that more information is expected in January 2022.

While they haven't confirmed what is planned for then, it's likely we'll get the cover reveal, finalized release date, and all the other basics that need to be revealed ahead of launch.

The Hit List: All New Features Revealed

This trailer's "Hit List" ran through ten of the most exciting features and innovations coming to WWE 2K22, but let's dig a little deeper and see what's planned for each of them.

The Redesigned Gameplay Engine and New Controls by Visual Concepts should work together to provide the most intuitive experience yet to allow both new and experienced players to enjoy WWE 2K22.

WWE 2K22 controls feature reveal trailer
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BLOCK TIME: The addition of a Block action could majorly change gameplay

Also working in tandem, the Stunning Graphics and Immersive Presentation have already been on display in these trailers, and there's no doubt WWE 2K22 is the most gorgeous the series has ever been.

It looks like Rey Mysterio will take the spotlight in the New WWE 2K Showcase, which remains a challenge and objective-based experience while reliving the biggest moments of a superstar's career.

The most exciting news is confirmation that GM Mode is indeed returning as the new MyGM experience, and the trailer shows major pieces like the fans and budget mechanics both making a return.

WWE 2K22 MyGM GM Mode
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MyGM'S DEBUT: The once beloved GM Mode returns in an all new way

MyFACTION is arriving in the franchise for the first time, and this single player experience allows players to collect, manage, and upgrade Superstars with weekly events and regular updates as you build a legendary faction.

It's important to note that Visual Concepts clarified to us ahead of this reveal that MyFACTION is the only game mode which will use purchasable Virtual Currency (VC), and that items purchased with VC will not offer a competitive advantage.

MyRISE replaces the previous MyCAREER mode, and this year players will be able to use a male or female created wrestler, or MyPLAYER, to grind through their Rookie years all the way to being a Legend.

Universe Mode returns with more control than ever for players, and the Creation Suite got upgrades that provide more variety for different body types and creations.

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