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WWE 2K22 Showcase: Full Motion Cutscenes help you relive the action

After watching the Ringside Report we learned more about the WWE 2K22 Showcase game mode and Rey Mysterio, the Showcase Star.

We learned about the full-motion cutscenes that will immerse players right in the center of the game itself while using real-life images and videos.

Let's go over what we've learned about WWE 2K22 Showcase mode.

WWE 2K22 Showcase Ringside Report

The WWE 2K22 Showcase game mode was revealed on the March 2, 2022, Ringside Report. The first reveal was that cover athlete, Rey Mysterio, will also be the Showcase Star.

There's also a bit of blending with reality going on with the new "full-motion" cutscenes that help you relive the actual event. So, what else is there to know about the Showcase game mode? Take a look at the Ringside Report below:

WWE 2K22 is using an "objective-guided" system that as you complete the ring objectives a cutscene will trigger, leading you to the next objective. There's also cutscene commentary from Rey Mysterio himself, detailing the match.

There will also be rewards as you win the match. Perks such as unlockables, which could include DLC items. This makes it to where players have reasons to complete the WWE 2K22 Showcase objectives.

WWE 2K22 Release Date

The release date for WWE 2K22 is set for March 11, 2022, but you can pre order for early access and start playing WWE 2K22 Showcase early.

You'll be able to play through legendary matches with Rey Mysterio vs. The Undertaker, all while earning rewards a few days earlier than everyone else.

WWE 2K22 Showcase Rey Mysterio
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REY MYSTERIO: Complete WWE 2K22 Showcase matches with Mysterio

There was also information revealed surrounding MyRISE in WWE 2K22 that should get players excited for the March 11th release date.

You'll also be able to cross over and play in the WWE Women's Division in MyRISE. New storylines and characters have been developed making it a unique MyRISE story.

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